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Lead Autom8r

Content Ready Marketing Automation for Physical Therapy.
Drip Marketing, Lead Pages, Lead Magnets & Quizzes

Your platform for Evergreen Marketing Success

Our lead generation platform works with any existing website you have.

Our Lead Generation Platform provides you with an option of tightly integrated tools based on the blue print that can easily plug into any existing website. The PatientSites platform is available on a DIY basis (basic support) or a fully managed solution (where we actively lead the charge on your SEO and lead generation activities)

Our Blueprint based Lead Gen platform includes:

Design ready
Landing Pages

We have results tested landing pages or your lead
generation activities which are focussed on:

  • Informational downloads
  • Workshop registrations
  • Consultations

Marketing (Drip)

With our marketing automation software, you can nurture leads into prospects, prospects into patients and patients into both long term customers and your best referral sources.

Our drip marketing platform comes with prepared emails on a variety of topics which you can easily customize

Lead Boxes / Magnets / Quizzes

Developing highly targeted call to actions in your interior pages are a key part of your strategy to maximize lead generation
With our build in lead generators you can add lead boxes, magnets or quizzes to any website or blog page to drive more results

Active Marketing

  • Monthly newsletters (content ready)
  • Email marketing system for sending your own emails any time

Blogging platform

Add countless “lead generators” through custom long form blog posts with call to action built in.

Content Packs

Content Marketing Store

Explore ready-to-go marketing campaigns that are written by leading physical therapists in various specialties. Our content packs are designed specifically to support PT clinics with a quick way to launch a new campaign.

Lead Autom8r Pricing


  • One Content Pack and One Managed Ad Pack
  • Ability to Subscribe to Any Content Pack in Our System
  • Create Unlimited Drip Campaigns, Lead Pages & Boxes
  • Reputation Management System
  • Support for New Campaign Setup

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What does a well structured evergreen marketing mix look like?

Download our PT evergreen marketing blue print for free! Use this to understand what role different marketing tactics play and how to build a balance of tactics that will grow your practice today but most importantly increase the value of your business tomorrow.

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