5 Examples of Summer Postcards for Physical Therapy Patients

Are you looking for a different marketing strategy for the summer? Perhaps you need a new way to address your clients and those potential customers on your mailing list. For a new and alternative way to contact your patients think about sending postcards. They may not form part of normal marketing trends, but for your type of services they are a great idea. This is not the regular wish you were here type of holiday postcard but another simple way to reach your customers. Summer postcards are a great way to reach people, quickly easily and cost-effectively.

What are summer postcards for Physical Therapy Patients?

Summer postcards are a quick and easy way to market your physical therapy business. They are a great way to reach a whole range of people from your mailing list in a fun way. They are short and to the point, often with bold and eye-catching pictures or graphics that will instantly be noticed on the doormat or in your mailbox. They are usually impersonalised, so can be printed and posted in a fast and efficient way with minimum effort for your business.

They can be used in different ways and you can decide what is best for your business. As a follow up from a longer more detailed newsletter, they can be a little reminder for those who were thinking of booking but not quite got around to it yet. Maybe you have clients that have not booked in a while, so you want to send out a gentle prompt for them to return to their treatment. People are busy and sometimes this kind of marketing can be the small push needed for your clients to return.

They can also be used to market to new customers. If you are just launching your clinic or want to increase your client base it is a great way to get the message out about your services. You need to be careful here and target your demographic without appearing to be spam mail. Use your marketing list and send out a great visual to get people interested in what you do and how you can help them.

Postcard ideas

If you have never used this marketing method before, you might not know where to start. There are many different angles you can use to showcase your services and get the right people to book with your clinic. Depending on what type of clinic you have and what your specialism is, you will want to focus on what is right for your business.  Here are five examples if summer postcards for physical therapy patients.

1.Are you in Pain? We can help!

A postcard with a bold print and a question that can be instantly answered by the person picking it up. There is a solution to your pain problems and we can fix it, this is what you are essentially saying. Using pictures and large lettering will really grab the attention of the receiver and make it easy to see exactly what the postcard means. It will appeal to those who really need your services and generate a quick call to action for the recipient.

This is targeted at those customers who have perhaps fallen behind on their treatments, encouraging them to come back to you and make them feel better. On the reverse include all the details they need to book back in easily to maximise the chance of clients returning.

2.We can make you feel better!

Again, another answer to the problem of pain but in a more positive way. Not so much reminding people of the pain that they have but more of an improvement note of how your life can be. Picture someone living well, riding a bike or hiking which will draw the person receiving in. Giving them an example of what they can be doing once they are feeling better.

Targeting both new and existing customers, this is a far-reaching postcard. It will appeal to anyone that is considering therapy for pain relief and this postcard offers a positive solution. You may want to include more clinic details on this one. Especially if it is new customers who are looking to book. Your existing patients will be given a gentle reminder of the services that you provide and how they will feel afterwards.  

3.Get back in the game

A sports design postcard with a positive message for those athletes and sports players who may need a helping hand. Show how physical therapy can help clients to recover and recuperate in order to be the best at their sport again. Include a bold message with an athletic or sports person photograph to instantly draw attention to that demographic.  Mention things like summer rehab which will appeal to those taking a break during summer.

These postcards target those who are suffering from sports injuries and wanting to improve their performance or start training again. This is a great choice if the majority of your custom comes from this type of treatment. If you specialise on sports massage or sports injury treatment include this is your message. A great way to get to your target audience and improve your sports therapy bookings.

4.Better balance and coordination

Of course, physical therapy covers a wide range of treatments and types of customers. As mentioned above you may specialise in sports therapy, but there is also the other end of the spectrum when it comes to physical problems as the result of aging. Show that there are consultations for those who are at risk of falling and how treatments such as exercise can help to reduce these types of risks.  

Targeting the older generation who may be starting to need help keeping their bodies fit this postcard will offer help for everyday life with physical therapy. Offer consultations a wide range of services that will keep your clients interested. You can also show how your services can be used for rehabilitation after falls or other accidents.

5.Special offers

A postcard is a great way to promote any special offers or events you have at your clinic. Examples could be hosting an open day for customers to come and look around your clinic, taking to therapists without having to make the commitment to book in for treatments. Or perhaps a free workshop which showcases certain treatments so potential customers can see what you do first hand, giving them more confidence in your services.

This type of marketing is great for all and it appeals to those who are interested but not fully sure about booking in. Special offers are immediately recognised as a good thing, so it begins with a positive way to engage with potential clients and it is always good when people think they are getting a good deal.

What to remember when sending physical therapy postcards

As with all marketing methods you want to make sure your efforts are effective without being overbearing to your customers. There are few things you should consider before using this way of marketing your physical therapy clinic.

  • Make sure your postcards are on brand. Include your company logo and keep the styling as close to your other materials both physical and online.
  • Your message must be clear. Don’t include too much information that makes the postcard saturated, but ensure that you get across what you are trying to say.
  • Be targeted. Don’t just send out flyers, there are occasions for this type of canvasing but postcards should be specific to your audience to avoid being seen as spam.
  • Use bold images and text to make the postcard stand out and make sure you include contact and social media details so your patients can contact and find you.
  • Use in conjunction with other marketing methods for maximum benefit.

Remembering these small tips when producing and sending postcards will help to reduce waste and improve take up from those who receive them.

Other summer marketing strategies to consider

Postcards are a great way to reach your patients directly and this kind of marketing can be used as well as and to compliment the other aspects of your marketing strategy. This may include newsletters that offer updates about what is happening at the clinic. This can be both physical as in delivered by post, or by email. Use email marketing for sending out special offers and shorter updates as well as newsletters too.

Social media is another popular tool that can be used alongside your summer postcards. Use a digital image of the physical postcard and share this image online. It gives you an even further reach whilst still sharing the same message, being able to target different parts of your demographic and the potential to reach even more new customers.

Will you be using patient postcards this summer?

Whether you want to reach patients that are not usually responsive to online advertising or you want to create a different impression of your business to all customers. Summer postcards are a great way to interact and gain bookings for your physical therapy clinic. Don’t have enough time to develop your own marketing strategy? Take a look here and find out how Patientsites can help you with your physical therapy business.  

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