Advertising Your Physical Therapy Clinic on Instagram

Advertising Physical Therapy Clinics on Instagram

Those who are staying on top of all the changes to social media may already know that Instagram recently changed its platform in order to offer advertising. The option to start an advertising campaign does of course come at a cost! When you consider there are over 400 million users on Instagram paying for an ad campaign on the social media site is not so bad. When you take into consideration of all the social media sites, Instagram users are 2 ½ times more likely to click ads than all the other social media sites, you can start to get an idea of how beneficial it is to start a marketing campaign on Instagram.

How it Works

To get started you need to set up a business Facebook page and an Instagram account. With that complete go into your Facebook settings that will allow you to use “Instagram Ads.” The last step is connecting the two social media accounts.

  • Download the Editor – The best way to create your ads for your PT clinic Instagram account is to download Power Editor. Google Chrome is the only browser that currently supports Power Editor.

  • Creating Ads – If you need step-by-step instructions Facebook offers steps needed to make the perfect ad for your physical therapy clinic. In Power Editor, under the Manage Ads tab, you will see “Create Campaign.”

  • How to Reach Target Audience – During this step you will need to pick items compatible with Instagram to reach your target audience. Things to include are Mobile App Installs, Clicks to Website, and Video Views. You are going to want to create a new campaign, a new ad set, and then a new ad.

  • Ad Set Options – This step involves establishing your budget, the ad schedule, placement, and your target audience. For example, if you are running a special for people with back problems, set your budget, target potential patients in a 30-mile radius (or more if you deem it appropriate), and the dates for the special. If the special is for the last two weeks of the month, you might consider starting the ads a couple days or more before the official start date so people can make appointments at your PT clinic.

  • Account Syncing – Ensure your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected so your ads will post to both social media sites.

  • Create your Ad – Creating your ad can include a number of things. A basic ad will include a relevant photo to your PT clinic or physiotherapy services, a link to your site and a message that makes the viewer want to act.

Using the back pain special, upload a photo of a back where the image is in pain or points out vital areas of the back where pain is common. Include a message related to how you can alleviate their back pain and be sure to leave a “call-to-action” button so people can visit your website for a coupon for the special and contact information for scheduling appointments.

  • Edit and Upload – Make any necessary changes, review the ad in the Power Editor and soon your ad will be on Instagram and Facebook.

Although the process of creating a marketing campaign on Instagram may seem fairly difficult at first, once you get the hang of it you will soon come to realize how your PT clinic can benefit from advertising on this platform. If you are under the misconception that only people selling products, such as clothes, shoes, or concert tickets can benefit, then delete that idea from your mind. People who suffer from back pain, have a sporting injury, or need the services offered at a physiotherapy clinic for any other reason, also use social media sites like Instagram. Can your PT clinic afford to miss using this untapped resource for new potential patients for the practice?

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