Marketing Your Physical Therapy Clinic Online Without Blowing Your Budget

Marketing Your Physical Therapy Clinic Online Without Blowing Your Budget

In most cities, operating a physical therapy clinic can be a very competitive venture. Not only do you face numerous other local clinics vying for the same patients, but most offices have very small marketing budgets – especially the clinics that are just starting out. This means that to generate results, your clinic needs powerful marketing strategies that are not only effective, but also don’t cost a fortune. Unlike old media advertising, the internet provides a number of ways that your physical therapy business can attract new clients and generate revenue, even if you don’t have huge coffers.

Expanding Your Market Reach through Social Media

If you’re looking for a type of marketing that provides huge results for minimal costs, social media is the way to go. Nearly everyone uses some type of social media on a daily basis, whether it’s keeping on contact through Facebook, or socializing with other similarly-minded people on niche-specific platforms. Social media allows you to not only keep in touch with your established patients, but also reach out to new ones with minimal effort. It’s free to create a Facebook page for your physical therapy clinic, a web presence that can be one of your most vital marketing channels.

Using Quality Content to Attract Organic TrafficUsing Quality Content to Attract Organic Traffic

If you create top-quality content for your website, you’re going to attract visitors. Search engines like Google love articles that are useful and comprehensive. By creating this type of content, your clinic will show up high in the results for many of the phrases and keywords that your potential clients are searching for. Attracting organic traffic is one of the cheapest ways for your website to get visitors, costing little more than the actual production of the content. The downside with organic traffic is that it can take months to see any results, but once visitors start pouring in you will have a relatively steady, long-lasting source of potential patients.

Impress Visitors with Quality Videos

Another effective way to enhance your website’s appearance and the impression it leaves upon visitors is by incorporating informative, high-quality video content. Videos can help set your page apart from your competitors’, and will make your web presence look more professional and complete. Often physical therapy clinics turn to resources like YouTube to find quality videos, but these often have other company’s logos and advertisements on them. Creating videos can sometimes be expensive, so we offer uniquely-branded videos to our clients that are sure to be of use to your patients.

Incubating Leads and Retaining Patients with Newsletters

The ultimate goal of any of your physical therapy clinic’s marketing campaigns should be to increase revenue as much as possible. Many offices focus so much on attracting new patients, that they overlook one of the biggest resources they have – established clients. It’s much easier to keep patients that you have already seen than to effectively reach new ones, so it makes no sense to overlook them with your marketing efforts. One great marketing method to maximize patient retention is through the use of newsletters. By providing regular, informative articles and patient education, you can remain fresh in the minds of your patients, helping to increase overall loyalty with your contact and expertise. In addition to being used for current patients, newsletters can be a great way to incubate the leads you’ve generated from your website and develop them into new patients in the future.

Your clinic should be focusing its marketing efforts on a combination of attracting new patients, and keeping the ones you have happy and coming back. The internet provides a plethora of different ways to do so, with affordable options like social media promotion and producing quality content to generate organic traffic. Not all online advertising is affordable, but using the right tactics can allow you to focus your efforts on the most practical options. Regardless of how large or small your clinic and its marketing budget are, these online marketing strategies can generate huge results with both minimal effort and costs.

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