Could You Be Using Your PT Practice Staff In Your Marketing?

Using Your Physiotherapy Practice Staff In Your Marketing

One of the most important assets that a Physical therapy clinic has is its staff. Why not take advantage of that and use them in your marketing plans? Let's think about how to incorporate using your staff in marketing including spotlight interviews, Q and A sessions and even having them guest blog on your website.

Encourage Your Staff to be Brand Ambassadors/Advocates

A huge part of marketing your physical therapy clinic (aka your brand) is managing your reputation. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, negative rumours and feedback travel fast . However, positive comments can also travel quickly, so it is important to encourage your clinic staff to act as brand ambassadors and facilitate positive conversations about your clinic both online and off! Encourage them to make recommendations and to share your content on social media in a positive manner.

There are lots of ways that you can put your staff to use as a brand ambassador. Even little things like giving the branded t-shirts and water bottles to wear at the gym can help utilize this powerful resource! It is almost like having a living breathing billboard! Just how far you take this is entirely up to you and how far your employees are willing to go! Would they add decals to their car while out driving?

Have Staff Contribute Content to Your Clinic's Website

It can be difficult to keep on coming up with fresh content for your clinic's website all the time. That is one of the reasons why we give our customers access to an extensive library of top quality website content. However, it is also a great idea to get your staff involved in contributing content for your clinic website. They could take turns in submitting guest posts on a range of topics. You might get them to discuss some new techniques that they were recently trained in, or write a tutorial for a type of exercise or therapy that they are particularly skilled in. This more personal style of content is often more engaging and can help with creating an authentic voice for your clinic's online presence.. It will also help staff start to really feel like an important part of your practice.

Help Patients Engage With Your Staff Via Interviews or Q & A Sessions

When you stop to think about it, your staff are the people that your patients interact with when they come in for their physical therapy appointment. You are essentially selling their services as well as your own, so it makes sense to help patients get to know them. Some of the ways that you can do this is to film interviews with your staff, allowing them to discuss their qualifications and expertise. This gives patients a chance to see the therapists that will be treating them and can help them to build up trust in your staff and your clinic. This can be incredibly valuable and will set your physiotherapy clinic apart from your competitors. In a similar vein, you could also host live Q & A sessions or live chats with your staff on Twitter, Facebook or even Periscope giving patients the chance to ask questions and get to know your staff better. This is one of the most engaging types of content you can make use of.

Your staff are one of your clinic's most valuable assets and you should be making use of them as a part of your marketing strategy. Your staff could be acting as brand ambassadors for your clinic and may also be able to contribute some additional content for your website and your social media channels. If you need help with content or developing a marketing strategy then take a closer look at the long list of features that has to offer.

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