Why Educational Content is Important For PT Websites

The importance of educational content for physiotherapists

Why Educational Content is Important For PT Websites

When it comes to selecting the best content for a PT clinic's website, educational content must be on the list. Let's take a closer look at why this particular type of content is so important for engaging with patients.

Understanding Why You Have a Blog

One of the biggest mistakes that physiotherapists make with their blog is treating it like a personal diary. This is not why you are using a blog for your clinic. It is fine to blog about your practice, for example advertising a special promotion, but not every post should be promotional. You also need to provide your visitors with relevant and useful information about physical therapy and that is where educational content comes in. In these posts you should be sharing some useful information such as tutorials for certain exercises. You can always add a call to action at the end in order to pull some focus back to your clinic, but mainly you just want to offer valuable content.

Place Yourself in The Role of Industry Leader

One of the great things about sharing educational content on your website is that it is going lend you some much needed credibility. When you consistently share valuable and education content with visitors, they will feel as though they can place their trust in you and this is going to result in more patients for your clinic. The more you share, the more people will begin to see you as a credible source of information allowing you to position yourself as an expert in the physical therapy field. This makes your clinic stand out from other in the area.

How Will Educational Content Get You More Patients?

As we have mentioned, becoming a reliable source of information is going to give you credibility, but the main reason why educational content is going to help you to get more patients is that you will be fulfilling their needs. Your educational content should be designed to answer some of the most commonly asked questions and problems that someone in need of physical therapy. When you are able to immediately answer their question they will likely go ahead a book with you straight away, or they will remember that you were the clinic that helped them out. One of my favourite examples to illustrate this is this one :

A pregnant lady is experiencing extreme back pain at 3.30am one morning. Her husband has been trying everything he knows to help ease the pain, but he just does not know what to do. At that time in the morning he can't stop by your clinic, but if he does an online search for 'back pain in pregnancy' and your clinic has a blog post outlining some easy exercise for pregnant women to help stretch out the back muscles, then the husband is going to find your clinic's website and you are going to educate him on how to help relieve his wife's discomfort. If the exercises work then there is a very good chance that he will book then and there for a follow up appointment. Not to mention the fact that when back pain comes up at her next ante-natal class, she will recommend your website. With that one piece of educational content you have solved the pregnant lady's problem, booked in a new patient and gotten some god word of mouth advertising.

PatientSites 6.0 can help you to create and curate educational content for your PT website. Why not contact us today to find out about some of the other key features that we have to offer.

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