Expanding Your Physical Therapy Facebook reach with Promoted Posts

Expanding Your Physical Therapy Facebook reach with Promoted Posts

In most physical therapy clinics, online marketing isn’t the highest priority on the list of daily duties. Between working with clients and handling the managerial side of things, most physical therapists and clinic managers simply don’t have the time to focus on social outreach. Luckily, Facebook has made it much easier and more affordable to reach potential clients through Promoted Posts.

What are Facebook Promoted Posts?

Facebook Promoted Posts are a great way to get your physical therapy clinic’s content in front of as many potential patients as possible.

When you post on Facebook, you show up on the news feed of the fans of your page. With Facebook’s news feed algorithm, however, the average post only reaches around 16% of fans. This is where Promoted Posts step in.

The Options for Promoting PostsFor a price that is very reasonable compared to other online marketing channels, you can promote important posts from your clinic. This will cause them to show up higher in the news feed for a larger number of fans. Your marketing reach doesn’t have to stop there. Facebook Promoted Posts allow your physical therapy clinic to expand your content to the friends of your fans, maximizing your exposure to targeted clientele. Potential clients put a lot of weight to the opinions and recommendations of their friends and colleagues. Promoted Posts make use of those relationships and often provide better results than reaching out to users with no connection to your clinic.

The Options for Promoting Posts

Physical therapy clinics using Facebook Promoted Posts for the first time are commonly surprised by the number of options and customizable targeting offered. Not only do they greatly expand your audience, but Promoted Posts also make sure your marketing dollars are spent as effectively as possible – by reaching the potential clients most likely to visit your clinic.

In addition to showing up for your fans and their friends, Promoted Posts can also be targeted just like any other Facebook ad.

The three main targeting criteria are:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender

For most physical therapists, location will be the most profitable option as you can target people within close proximity to your clinic. You can even select as many surrounding cities as you would like in order to fully encompass your target market.

After selecting your targeting options, you are given the option to enter the budget for your campaign. With this in place, Facebook will provide you with an estimate of how many targeted users your clinic’s post will reach.

How Physical Therapy Clinics Benefit from Facebook Promoted Posts

Most physical therapy clinics don’t have huge marketing budgets. In fact, many exist solely on low-cost marketing efforts and word-of-mouth advertising. Facebook promoted posts are great because they allow any clinic, regardless of spending limits, to generate results.

Some of the benefits physical therapy clinics will see from Facebook Promoted Posts include:

  • More potential clients viewing your Facebook content
  • An increased number of new fans for your page
  • High-performing results from friends of fans
  • New clients and more revenue

The greatest thing about marketing with Facebook Promoted Posts is that you’re not obligated to spend money promoting every post that you create. Instead, Promoted Posts are a great way to maximize the results of content that is already showing popularity among your current fans through comments and likes. By promoting only your most result-generating posts, you can further improve your marketing returns.

Facebook Promoted Posts have allowed physical therapy clinics to effectively expand their marketing efforts, reaching a large audience of highly-targeted potential clients. Not only are Promoted Posts easy to use, but they commonly offer better results, at a lower price, than most other online channels. Thanks to their numerous options, Promoted Posts can be customized for any type of content, and for the specific marketing goals that your clinic is trying to achieve. If you’re ready to expand your physical therapy clinic’s reach, without spending hours that you don’t have on planning and implementing a campaign, Facebook Promoted Posts are one of the easiest and affordable ways to do so. If you’re looking for other cost-effective ways to expand your online presence, we offer a number of result-generating services.

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