4 Ways to Get Traffic to Your PT Website That AREN'T Online!

Image of a post box indicating post mail rather than electronic mail.We always talk about links and SEO when it comes to getting traffic to your website. Both of which are really important factors when it comes driving traffic to your website. Where you appear in search results and the authority of your webpage can make a big difference in terms of hits and visitor numbers. With social media marketing, email newsletters and messaging there are lots of ways to promote and encourage website visits without having to move away from your computer.

But what can you do to get people to visit your website from traffic generators that are not online? It is probably not something you think about when trying to get new and existing customers to visit your site. But where can you attract website visitors with ways that aren’t online? Here are four ways to get traffic to your PT website that are not online.

Newsletters and postcards

Some might call it snail mail, but receiving a physical letter in the post is a more personal way to share information with your customers. You can keep your clients up to date with what is happening in your clinic and encourage them to learn more about it by visiting your website. You can sent a regular newsletter or maybe just send one when the information is important or you haven’t heard from a particular client in a while.

Postcards are a great short and sweet way to remind your clients about your brand. Not only will they read this when they receive it as it won’t take much time if they put it aside, they can follow up and visit your website when they have more time.

You need to get your audience right when you send out items in the post. When your intention is to increase your website referrals you need to make sure that is where your customers will end up. Encourage them to find out more on your website by enticing them from the pages.

Seasonal cards are also a great way to spread information about your practice. Sending a Christmas card for example makes the customer feel special and is an excellent reminder that they need to log onto to your website. It may be the gentle push they need to make their next appointment. Think about how you would like to receive information and implement that into your strategy when looking at sending physical cards and letters to your mailing list.

Put Up Posters

Posters are a great way to get attention and brand recognition. This kind of advertising shows that you are real and local and will give potential clients more confidence to find out more about your services and treatments. Posters should definitely be in your marketing strategy.

Include short facts and a powerful message that will make people take a closer look and want to find out more. Offering to relieve that pain or rehabilitate those injuries will catch the attention of potential customers. Use colours and contrasts that compliment your brand image to ensure a consistent approach within your advertising. Most importantly include your website so they can find out more and increase your traffic.

Strategically place your posters where they will get the most traction. For example, in a doctor’s surgery where you may get referrals. Ever sat in a waiting room and found yourself reading all the different posters on the wall. This is where your poster could be and in front of many prospective clients too. Even better if this surgery recommends your business to their patients as you can work together to encourage potential patients to learn more for their own benefit.

Local gyms are also a good location for posters especially if you have a specialisation on sports recovery and therapies. Of course, make sure you have the correct permissions to put up these posters, you may need to have an alliance or pay for the privilege. With your website details clearly stated, customers can take a snap or take a note of the details to visit later. Or maybe even there and then on their phone.

Audio advertising

Whether it is on the way to work, while you are at work or at home, everyone listens to the radio or other audio entertainment at some point. There are a few different ways you can use audio advertising to your benefit depending on the audience you are trying to reach. Think about where your customers are likely to listen and target this type of audio advertising for your brand.

Radio advertising is a simple way to get your brand out there to many potential customers. Record a professional advertisement which includes direction to your website, such as searching your brand name or quoting the website within the ad. Then you can research the right station, time and price of air time to suit your business needs. Make sure you do plenty of research as it needs to be effective for your business. Or you could choose to do a radio interview on a station whose content is similar to your focus.

Pod casts are a very popular form of entertainment and information today. If you have plenty of time and the expertise you can create your own podcast series which with each episode directs listeners to visit your website. A more achievable way to do this though is to be interviewed or featured on an already established pod cast that is close to your brand. You can talk about treatments, patient information and plug your clinic or personal service at the same time.

Do some research with your customers and determine the demographic. Then find out what they listen to and tailor your marketing into this avenue. Simple advertisements or full on interviews and article pieces, the choice is yours.  

Interviews and information in print

It is not all about blog posts and online reading. Clients will read publications and stories in print magazines too, so this is a great way to get your brand and website details out there to potential customers. Decide where you want to get noticed and the customer profile you are targeting before deciding on and approaching publications.

This could be simple advertising in a magazine or local newspaper. Paying for space and devising the right advert for your business that encourages readers to find out more by visiting your website. Talk about your most popular treatments and use a good visual to attract attention from the readers. It will get you noticed especially if you advertise in a neighbourhood newsletter that is distributed to those living in the area you work.

To give your brand some real credibility you could feature in an article and promote your business this way. You could talk about a specific example of successful recovery or focus on certain areas your clinic looks at.  Then at the end of your article make sure readers know how to reach your website and make a booking with you.

Interviews are also great giving a snapshot into your clinic and again promoting ways to get in contact or find more information about your service. You can explain the benefits of your services, offer patient information and advising they visit you online to learn more. Plugging your website in order to drive traffic and increase your bookings.

Non internet generated traffic

Have we forgotten about the more traditional methods of marketing and advertising? There are four ways above to promote your website without using the internet to do so, and this type of conventional advertising is often overlooked as everything is now online. But you must remember that not everyone uses the internet or browses to find the right physical therapist. These are the people that you are targeting and then encouraging to visit your website. From newsletters, to sharing information in print to audio advertising and posters, there are many places you can advertise offline if you think outside the box.

Seeing your brand in places other than your phone or computer will build more confidence in your business. It indicates that you are a well established and trusted brand as you are visible in many different areas and mediums. Make your business a local household name and the go to therapist or clinic in your area of expertise.

How will you advertise your brand offline?

As you can see there are a few different ways to advertise and generate website hits even when you are using methods that are not online. Develop your marketing strategy to include these areas of advertising and measure the results when it comes to website hits. It can take some time to organise all of these different ways to market your brand and you may need some help. Patientsites offer services that can help you with marketing for your Physical Therapy clinic both on and offline. Take a look at the webpage to find out more.   

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