How Physical Therapy Clinics Can Use LinkedIn to Market Their Services

Physical Thereapy Clinic Linkedin Marketing

Is your physical therapy clinic new to LinkedIn? If so, then you may be unaware of how powerful a tool this specific networking site is when it comes to marketing. Not only is the site a great place for connecting with other healthcare professionals, it is also a relatively untapped marketing tool. One of the biggest differences between LinkedIn and other social media sites is that it has a much more professional vibe. Physical therapy clinics can use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in the field, to start conversations about relative issues, build relationships and even find potential patients.

Turning a LinkedIn Account Into a Marketing Tool

When the time comes to start using a clinic's LinkedIn account as a marketing tool, then there are a few things to be checked off of the 'to do' list. Each of the following items listed below have value in their own right. Combining them will help to make the clinic's LinkedIn account an incredible marketing tool, which will in turn help to bring more patients to the PT clinic.

Complete your Profile

To make a positive first impression on your clinic's LinkedIn account you need to make sure that the profile is complete. Make sure you have a nice clear image for your profile picture and do not leave any blanks. To maximize the benefit of your LinkedIn profile it needs to be complete. Ensure that it is professional in nature and there is no confusion as to the fact you are a physical therapy clinic.

Connections & Target Groups

Social media is a place for making connections. You want to connect with as many people as possible. With over 400 million users, LinkedIn offers many opportunities for both your personal account as the clinic owner and your clinic's business account to connect with as many people as possible. Check out networking opportunities as well as joining targeted groups.

Targeted groups can help connect your physical therapy clinic with people seeking out help from a physical therapist. Additionally, other physical therapists just starting out may be looking for an established PT clinic such as yours, to get a foot in the industry.

Linkedin Recommendations

Networking on LinkedIn is essential. You cannot just expect others to recommend you if you cannot return the favor. Let others know that you are not only there for yourself. Recommend other professionals in the health industry. Even on social networking, a “team player” mentality helps people succeed.

PT Clinic Linkedin Profile

On your personal profile on LinkedIn, you will also want to include your PT clinic’s LinkedIn profile. You can share information related to services offered in the business section of your profile. You can also feature photos and videos, or even patient success stories.

Website Customization

In addition to your social media profiles, you need a quality website for your PT clinic or physical therapy practice. The creators of LinkedIn allow you to customize your website’s appearance on your profile. It is also possible to inspire people to use call to action links in the website customization as well. Creating posts that encourages people to click your links helps people find out more information about your practice, which could lead to new patients.

Connect with Twitter

One of the most effective ways to use social media is to have your messages and information regarding your physical therapy services and clinic on people’s minds constantly. The best way to do that is to connect your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Through synchronizing your accounts your information will be available to users across social media sites.

Do not Fall Flat

One of the worst things you can do is create a profile that is dull and boring. You want to create a profile that showcases the best attributes of your physiotherapy clinic. Use photos and videos to help show potential patients you are the ideal physical therapy clinic for all of their needs.

If you are vigilant in creating your LinkedIn profile as well as your PT clinic profile and website, you can expand your patient client base. can help you with social media and other online marketing. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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