How to Break Down the Specifics of PT Treatment for Your Website

Physical therapy studio room for exercise and rehabilitation

When constructing the layout of your physical therapy website it can be hard to separate the different types of services you have to offer and break down the specifics of your PT treatment. So you must think about how you will lay out your website to make it work for you and your visitors.

Doing this means you can offer all your services on your website but can direct your clients to the right pages to find the treatment they are looking for. You want your visitors to understand what it is you offer and what you can do for them and let them find this information in the easiest way.

Why is your website layout important?

When visitors first land on your page you want them to see exactly what they are looking for and the immediate option for where they want to go next. Firstly you need to include the right fonts, colours and pictures to suit your brand and immediate recognition of what your business does. Simple things like having your logo in the right place, including a search bar to enable easy searching and putting your top content first all make a big difference. You also need to consider where your call to action is located as it is important to be in a prominent place on every page without being too pushy. There are many design elements to consider so the layout is a very important place to start.

What information should you include on your website?

Knowing what to include on your website and setting priorities for the information will help you to prevent information overload whilst offering the key features of your business.

Contact details

Of course, you want your new customers and clients to be able to contact you easily so you need to include your contact details in an easy to find position on your site. This can be as simple as contact details in the footer or in the drop-down menu on the header. So, if your visitors want to get straight to your contact information to book and also see how far they need to travel to attend your clinic.

Patient information

This is where your clients can find out more about the treatments you offer and what to expect when they visit. You can also include information for aftercare too, so you can direct current patients to the website for further advice. This is where you will break down the specifics of the treatments showing exactly what you do.

Frequently asked questions

If you find yourself answering the same or similar questions from customers then a frequently asked questions section is a good idea. It gives your visitors a quick answer as well as saving time for you answering questions.

Brand values

You may want to include some information about your business and the values of your brand. This gives you a chance to show who you are and what the practice means to your customers. When visitors read this section, you want to make them feel close and personal to your values and happy to trust your practice and services.

Social media pages

If you have a social media presence then you must include links to these pages and profiles on your website. Social media is a great place to discuss your services and share your blog posts with your followers. Having a good presence will also build trust in your business.

How to break down the specifics of PT treatment

The first thing you need to think about is the services you offer and what injuries and problems that you treat. Then break these down to easily readable pages for your clients. You could do this by individual treatments or by symptoms, however you think will work for your business. Here are some examples of how to break down the specifics:

First of all, focus on the assessment

When you visit a physical therapist the first and most important thing is the assessment so this process should be showcased on your site. First there needs to be a thorough investigation, therapists usually begin to make a treatment plan after the initial visit. Let your clients know your process and what to expect on their first visit that way they will be prepared and less anxious. Then once they have finished their first session, they can get more information about treatments that they might be offered in their treatment plan. Break down these treatments in the website focussing on the therapies you offer.

Massage therapy

This type of treatment is a great way to showcase your skills as a physical therapist for those with short term conditions that need relief or for prolonged bookings to keep muscles relaxed and supple especially after sports injuries. So, this kind of therapy can be used on a variety of clients and most injuries will benefit from the hands-on approach. Show where massage therapy takes place so your clients aren’t worried about the surroundings and explain what they need to wear such as loose comfortable clothing. Having your clients attend relaxed and knowing what to expect will make your massage therapy session run smoothly and increase the benefits for your client.  

Ultrasound therapy

Therapists use ultra sound for connective tissue injuries and it can be very useful for some clients. It might be important for your clients to know a bit about the treatment before they attend. Explain the specifics that the sound waves generate heat deep in the body to help loosen up tissues. You can show pictures of the ultrasound wand so your clients will know how what to expect if they are attending for this treatment.

Exercise therapy  

This is a really important part of physical therapy and you should make sure your clients know right away that exercise therapy is usually used for every type of injury. Exercise therapy can be the only therapy that you offer for certain types of injury or can be used after other types of therapy as a form of rehabilitation. Make sure your clients understand what exercise therapy entails by including details on your website. Talk about band work and stretches, strengthening exercises that will help your clients understand what this kind of therapy is. It will reduce the worry of visiting clients and prevent them from thinking you will set difficult or strenuous exercise tasks.

Acupuncture therapy

This is an excellent therapy for muscle injuries, however some clients might be a little apprehensive if you mention needles in therapy. Use this section to show how acupuncture works and you could even include pictures or video to show what happens during a session. Explaining what is done in the session and how a course of acupuncture can help with long term pain relief for conditions. An important thing to mention is the sterile nature of the needles and the qualification of the therapists. Giving your clients peace of mind when attending for this treatment.  

Laser therapy

Explaining this treatment on your website will help your clients to understand exactly what this treatment entails. It might sound more intrusive than it is which is why having a good explanation on your website about this specific treatment is a good idea. Showing that laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate the healing process. It is pain free and reduces inflammation and muscle pain and can be used with other therapies too. Again, it might be a good idea to include pictures and videos making clients more comfortable with the treatment they will be receiving.  

Physical Therapist Bios

It’s a great idea to include some information about each therapist who works at your clinic.  When clients visit your website for the first time, they can learn about who works at the practice and their specialisms. This also makes it more personal for your visitors as they can really understand who you are as a business and what type of service they can expect. You can also showcase the qualifications and experience of each therapist and show the specialisms of each person. This gives your visitors more confidence and trust in your business and your brand making them more likely to book with you. Remember to include a call for action on each page making it easy for visitors to make a booking there and then.

Current and updated blog articles

Keeping a regular blog on your website is also a good idea to keep your physical therapy site fresh and to keep in contact with those clients who are signed up. You can use this platform to explain new treatments you are offering and any new therapists who are working with your business. It is also a great place to share customer feedback and good news stories with your followers giving another level of trust and confidence in your brand.

How will you break down the specifics on your website?

As you can see there are many different elements to think about when designing, building and sharing the website and most important is the core services of your business. The content that showcases what services and treatments you offer to your clients will put you apart from other clinics who do not focus on these imperative specifics.

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