How to Get Genuine Positive Reviews on Your Physical Therapy Site

 Looking for the positive review for your physical therapy site.

Not all customers bother with feedback, especially when their experience has been a positive one. People may be more compelled to take time out when they have had a bad experience, so you need to embrace the positive. Receiving reviews are great for your business and improves your brands reputation, building a positive perception of your clinic.  

First of all, you need to have the facility for your customers to leave reviews. The easiest way for you to do that is online, be that on your website or via your social media pages. Online reviews are instantly accessible by your clients and offers a free and easy way for you to evaluate these reviews too.

Why are positive reviews important?

When customers check out your physical therapy website, they will look at the experiences of other patients before they decide to book. Reviews are powerful, and they are all in the hands of your clients. Not only do you need to offer exceptional service, but you need to encourage your customers to tell you and others about it too.

The reputation of your business is built on how your customers respond to what you offer. If this is negative, then you will potentially lose your custom. Therefore, receiving genuine positive reviews is important when you offer this facility on your website.

But how to you make sure that the reviews you receive are positive ones? As well as offering exceptional treatments and personal service, here are a few tips to get genuine positive reviews for your Physical Therapy website.

Send review requests by email after your services

Clients need to know how to leave a review and that you value their feedback. Sending out follow-up emails at the right time when the customer is still in the right frame of mind after your treatment is really important mind. If they have enjoyed your service, then they are more likely to leave a positive review.

You should be careful about the timing of your emails though. If you act too soon, then it might seem too pushy. But you don’t want to leave it too long that they have forgotten about the service they have received.

The style of the email should be light and should not come across as demanding. Don’t just ask for a review but provide useful information like aftercare advice or patient education. You should provide some substance to your email so even if your client does not want to leave a review the communication has still been worthwhile. 

Make sure you include an easy to identify call for action within your email. You don’t want the process to be too lengthy. If there are too many steps, then your customer will give up. Make it quick and easy to leave a review and your customers are more likely to take the time to leave their feedback.

If you don’t have time to send these kinds of emails yourself, you could always set up an automatic email following appointments or employ an agency or specialist to pick these tasks up for you.

Respond to and acknowledge bad reviews quickly

You are going to get bad reviews, sometimes these may be out of your control but other times you may actually be alerted to and be able to fix a problem. Showing that you value any kind of feedback and that you can respond even to negative comments will make your customers more likely to leave honest reviews.

Look at the problem and try to resolve it. A timely resolution and even an apology when it is needed can go a long way for customer satisfaction. Sometimes if you resolve a customers problem or offer your sincere apologies they may update their review.

This way, although the customer may have had a bad experience, you can turn that negative review into a positive one if you respond and resolve their issue quickly.  Of course, you want all of your reviews to be positive but trying to put a better spin on a bad experience will help your business reputation and customer satisfaction.

There area few potential areas of complaint when it comes to physical therapy clients. Whether that is timeliness, length of treatment or just the way they are spoken to or corresponded with. Most complaints can be resolved quickly if they are dealt with straight away. So make sure you keep an eye on your reviews and respond to both positive and negative comments.

Thank those customers who leave a positive review

When a client leaves a review, it is nice for them to know you have read and appreciate it. Even just a small thank you is enough to make your customer feel valued. There are different ways you can thank your clients so think about the best way to do it for your business.

You may have the facility to reply to the reviews left on your website. That way not only does the reviewer get to see the comment, but other customers can see what you have replied too. Or you could contact the customer directly thanking them for taking the time and leaving a review.

Be careful with an automatic reply with a thank you though. It will show an acknowledgement of receiving the review, but these replies can often appear insincere and impersonal. If you have the time to personalise your thanks it will be received much better than a generic response. 

Offering a personal response is best and those who follow you will see that you acknowledge and value the reviews of your current and loyal customers.

Share positive reviews and feedback

Do you have some kind words left on your website? Then why not share that with your social media followers. You are promoting your service with someone else’s words, which is much better than saying it yourself. It also shows a much wider audience that you appreciate positive reviews.

Sharing these kinds of posts will give your customers the knowledge that you care about feedback received and value customer opinion. It also shows you have the facility to record reviews should other customers wish to leave their own. And this is something you should promote.

Good news stories and share worthy posts on social media are great for your brand. So, using real positive experiences is an excellent way to promote your business. Photos are also very well noticed and are often shared so good customer photos are a great advertisement for your brand.

Shout out loud when you are valued because that will help others understand what you and your business are all about. Be bold but not boasting, share the positivity without saying you are better than the competition. Your actions speak louder than words so they say.

Make changes

The concept of ‘you spoke we listened’ is very important to customers these days. So even if you receive negative feedback or a little constructive criticism, you can do something about it. 

If you receive some good feedback and you are able to make some changes then you should. Being able to show that you listen to your customers and value their opinion by making important changes based on their reviews.

It may be simple things like offering water in your waiting room or playing some soothing music. Or it could be bigger things such as length of treatments or courses. If the feedback is constructive and genuine then you should think about developing on this feedback.

Of course, you need to evaluate your reviews and act on the most prevalent issues. If something keeps cropping up in feedback, then this is a change that needs to be made. Do what you can to improve your business as welcomed by your clients. Then share your changes to show your patients you listen to them.

Remember the more reviews you get the more varied they will be

When you get more and more clients leaving reviews you need to get used to the idea that you may get more criticism. Most reviews tend to be good, but you should look at them across the board.  Accept that you won’t be able to please everyone, and you may get the odd customer that you cannot placate. But most of the reviews will be customers who just want to leave a review about how they have enjoyed your service and let you know about their experience. 

Do you offer the facility to leave reviews for your Physical Therapy website?

How do you feel about accepting reviews from your customers to improve and learn from your customer experiences? Will you be looking at trying to receive more positive reviews for your Physical Therapy clinic? If you don’t have the time to make this facility work or market your website, then you could consider hiring a marketing company. At we offer great services o improve your website, get your brand noticed and receive reviews from your customers. If you are too bust with your business and need a helping hand when it comes to marketing don’t be afraid to delegate and employ experts to handle that part of the business for you.

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