How to Not Overwhelm Your Audience and Keep Them Coming Back for More

Computer screen showing what you need to look out for when marketing your website.

Keeping in contact with your clients and ensuring they return to both your website and your clinic can be more complicated than it first seems. Of course, you don’t want to bombard them with contact or spam their email. But you want to remind them to visit your website and encourage them to book in with your clinic.

It can be difficult to find that balance between encouragement and overwhelming your clients so you need to carefully consider your options when contacting your clients. Here are some tips to avoid overwhelming your audience and keep them coming back.

Know your audience

Before you can think about keeping your audience engaged you need to know who your audience really is. Do you know enough about your clients to now how often they want to hear from you and what they will be interested in?

Think about who your audience are and what you need to do to keep them engaged. Taking some time to analyse in the beginning will make a big difference in the long run. You will get to know what is best for your clients, what they respond to and what they are interested in.

If you are struggling, why not send out a survey? Or ask your clients in clinic when and how they want to hear from you. It can give you a much more accurate view of what your clients need from their physical therapists. Gaining information whilst at the same time showing your interest in your customers.

Perfectly timed contact

When contacting your clients with marketing emails, newsletters or updates you need a time frame that works. Decide during your marketing strategy how often you want to make contact with both current and previous clients. You don’t want to overwhelm your clients with emails and information but you need a good balance to keep your brand in their mind.

Setting a regular schedule for your email marketing is a great idea. Then you can send regular and reliable messages with quality content your customers will be expecting. Whether this is weekly or monthly, or any other schedule. Choose the right duration between your messages depending on your clients needs and your business marketing plan.

When following up with recent clients you should consider how much time should pass after your appointment to remind them to book again. You can send a follow up information filled email too reminding them of your conversations and advice in the clinic.

Social media presence

Sharing and being present on social media builds trust and confidence in your brand. Share your latest offers and treatments so your customers have the opportunity to learn more. Linking to your website and booking page with bring your followers directly to your website increasing your traffic. Make sure you only post useful and quality content though, or clients won’t be as interested in your page or profile.

This is not just about sharing details of your website and blog posts but actually engaging with your audience too. Answer your followers’ comments and queries and thank them for their interest. Being active and engaging with your customers is much better than just sharing content with no interaction.

Don’t overwhelm or spam your followers on social media. If you share too much or share the same thing time and time again, your customers will become bored and either ignore or unfollow your business. Make sure what you share is relatable, professional and interesting to your followers and it will encourage them to return and engage.

Send out email marketing

This is a simple and easy solution to maintaining regular contact with your clients. Emails give your customers the choice of how much engagement and time they take with what you send. They don’t need to open the email at all, they may briefly read what you have to say, or they may go on to visit your website or make an appointment.

The main objective is that your customers will be interested in what you have to say and go on to make a booking or at least visit your website for more information. So, you need to be careful when considering when and how often to make contact in this way.

Devise an email marketing strategy to ensure you are sending out the right content at the right time. You can then monitor the results and check to see if your plan is working, making adjustments if necessary. Create email lists and send the right content to the right people to ensure maximum returns without overwhelming your clients.

Featured content

To make your customers return to your website on a regular basis creating excellent featured content is a key component to bring visitors in. For your physical therapy website, you should consider including blog posts with useful and interesting information. This also ensures your website is updated regularly improving visitor rates.

This could be interviews with clients which explains how their treatment has helped. Good news stories are a great way to encourage your customers to book and gives a real example of how your treatments can improve their lives and work for them.

You can also feature physicians and create a day in a life type post to explain what happens behind the scenes in the clinic and what it is like to work there. Increasing the knowledge of you and your brand can make clients feel closer to you and inspires a more personal connection. This can mean your customers are more confident to make an appointment or book back in with you.

New and exciting content

Keep your website and blog fresh with new content to ensure your visitors have a reason to come back. Post content you know your audience will enjoy and promote it to make sure the right people see what you are sharing.

Use targeted marketing to reach the right clients without overwhelming the majority with information that they don’t want or need. Whether this is over social media, newsletter or email. Devise a strategy that works for you and your brand when it comes to delivering new content.

Sharing on a regular basis and providing posts, articles and information that your customers will be interested in is important to keep them coming back to your website and improving your bookings. Always include a call to action within your articles so it is easy for your clients to make an appointment or find out further information about your clinic.

Encourage feedback and reviews

Customers like to know they are valued and that their opinion matters. If your clients think you genuinely care about their thoughts and experiences, they are more likely to continue to use your services and become repeat visitors.

Giving the option to leave feedback will also encourage visitors to your website as they will need to visit to leave their opinions. You can also offer the option on your social media sites such as Facebook where your followers can see real reviews and form an opinion even if they have never booked in with you before.  Showing you have made changes due to reviews and comments will also increase the return of previous clients as they can see you listen and care.

Client reviews and feedback are great for your business as you can see what you are doing well and if there are any places you need to improve. It also gives confidence for future potential clients, as they can look at what other people think helping them form their own opinions.

Use special offers

A great way to get visitors to return to your clinic and site is to make them aware of special offers and incentives you are offering. When you send out emails make sure you know your audience, only send the offers to the people who will benefit from them. Don’t just send this everywhere

Promo codes are also an excellent way to get clients attention and keep them coming back. Sharing these on social media or within your email blasts will encourage website visits and bookings. Your visits and bookings will increase when you offer good deals for your clients.

Do you have a loyalty scheme? If you do, make sure you remind your clients of this, they might realise it is time to make an appointment or to check their loyalty bonus’s. Make sure they know how to make the most of the scheme and how you value your loyal customers.

How will you keep your audience coming back for more?

There is a lot to think about when considering what to do to encourage repeat visitors without overwhelming them. It might be difficult to consider all the factors but if you follow these tips you will be well on your way to keeping your audience engaged and coming back for more. If you still need more help why not see what patient sites can do for you? For help devising marketing plans and improving your physical therapy blog visits and conversions.


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