Increase Patient Engagement With Home Physical Therapy Programs

Increase Patient Engagement With Home Physical Therapy Programs

Home exercise programs are a great way to increase patient engagement. They can be shared on your clinic website, on You tube or even via your social media channels. It might seem like giving away your knowledge and expertise for free, but you can reap many benefits from doing so. Let's discuss the benefits of sharing this type of content with your audience.

What Is A 'Home Exercise Program'?

First of all, let's start off by defining what we mean when we say 'home exercise program'. We are not suggesting that you create a comprehensive or personalised physiotherapy program to give away for free! What we mean is that you can create tutorials either in video form or using illustrations or photographs to show potential patients a few basic exercises that can be used to alleviate a problem until they can make an appointment. These should be exercises and techniques that can solve a problem that a potential patient has – even if it is only in the short term. Some good examples are as follows :

  • Exercises to Alleviate Back Pain During Pregnancy – Back pain is a common complaint among pregnant women for a variety of reasons. We have used this example in the past, but it is an excellent example! If a pregnant woman is suffering severe back pain at 4am, she or her partner are likely to search online for ways to alleviate it until they can seek a proper consultation during working hours. If your clinic is the one that offers her relief by way of a step by step tutorial, then it is much more likely that you will be the clinic she chooses to attend for a more long term solution.

  • Exercises to Improve Mobility in Seniors – Another example of techniques that you might want to share is a basic stretching routine that is designed to help seniors to stay a little more mobile. Again, providing assistance in this situation is going to put you at the top of their list when they are in need of physiotherapy.

How Will This Help Increase Patient Engagement?

We have already touched on how sharing this type of information, things that solve a potential patient's problems, can help to attract new clients, but let's look at that a little more closely. Customer/patient engagement is all about building a relationship with your audience. The more we interact with our audience the more they trust us and we become so much more credible in their eyes. Customer engagement is very important in order to encourage those patients to use your services. Engaged consumers are far more likely to purchase and they are more willing to make an effort to use your service over any others.

In conclusion, offering home therapy programs and tutorials can help you to improve patient engagement. This in turn can result in additional business for your clinic as it builds credibility. That is why these types of programs should be included in your clinic's content marketing plans. If you need help with developing your content marketing strategy then do not delay in contacting us today.

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