From Human to Human: Inspire Your Physical Therapy Blog Readers

Inspire Your Physiotherapy Blog Readers

In the world of online content, it’s important to make sure that people trust your words. This is especially true for healthcare industry and physical therapy is no exception. Your patients go online to research a topic concerning the most important thing for any human: health.

This is why it’s crucial for your physical therapy clinic’s blog to inspire trust, confidence and most importantly, have a human touch. Patients need to feel that whatever they read was written for humans, by humans not for machines, by machines. Here are a few tips you can use to make your physiotherapy blog posts feel more human:

Embrace conversational style posts

Patients value communication with their doctors just as much as the actual treatment. They feel much more confident after someone qualified explains their problem, talks about the origins of it and how to handle it. This kind of understanding usually comes from a face-to-face conversation, which is rather seldom nowadays.

Most of the times, doctors simply don’t have enough time to talk and discuss issues with each patient individually, which can be alarming. Luckily, your blog can compensate that lack of communication to a certain degree. Whatever your physiotherapists need to tell patients, but lack the time to, write about it on your blog in a kind, friendly, conversational manner, just like if you were talking to them.

Focus on readers, not SEO

When writing posts for your physical therapy clinic, make sure to get your priorities in place: Patients first, Google second. At the end of the day, what you want is to deliver value to your readers by providing awesome, helpful content that will get them a step closer to solving, or understanding how to solve their problems.

Additionally, focusing solely on SEO will not get you far in terms of rankings. Nowadays, Google prioritizes content that brings real value to people. Appearing among the top three search results is going to be pointless if there is nothing to learn and no value to get from your content. Patients will just close their browser after reading a line or two.

Address their pain points

It’s important to not just give out valuable information, but valuable, to the point information. By addressing the needs and pain points of your readers you will not only gain more patient engagement, website visitors and conversions, but also grant that feeling of understanding to them. Patients will feel that you really know what they want to read about and there is no machine that can do it better than a human.

Use emotions

Emotions are the key to engaging patients with your content. Content that makes good use of emotions (fear, joy, anxiety, anticipation, etc. depending on the topic) is bound to hook your readers and pin their eyes to their screens. Moreover, research has proven that people make their decisions based on emotions and later use common sense and logic to justify them.

And you know the best part about emotional content? Artificial intelligence might one day get smarter than us, but it will never be able to express emotions like a human. If you want to add a human touch to your physiotherapy blog posts, using emotions correctly is the way to go.

Leverage storytelling

Telling stories is a great way to connect with your patients. Storytelling has been around since ancient times and it’s the first mean of communication that was established between two people, even before languages were invented.

When you tell a story to your patients (it can be a clinical case or an interesting fact they didn’t know about presented in the form of a good story) they can relate to it. They can feel the same emotions that you describe and really understand what you are trying to teach them. It doesn’t get any more human than this.

Honestly, there is no secret on how to make your look like “it’s written for humans”. All you need to do besides following these steps, is truly care about your patients. The rest will come naturally. Content written with care will always be felt by readers even through the screen, and patients don’t need advanced technology to actually feel it. If you need help creating inspiring blog posts for your physical therapy clinic, take a look at how we do it on

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