Is Your Clinic's Website Putting Off Potential Clients?

Is Your Clinic's Website Putting Off Potential Clients?

Is your clinic's website putting off clients?As a physical therapist or physiotherapy clinic manager, your number one goal should be to provide great care and a positive experience for your patients. Sadly though, running a successful physiotherapy practice requires much more. You not only have to deliver great medical services, but you must also be able to direct your team, control the clinic’s finances and market to new patients.

With all of these responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook your clinic’s website – especially if you’re not tech savvy. Doing so, however, means many potential clients are likely doing the same – ignoring your website. Having a well-designed website is important in growing your physical therapy practice, and the most effective online presences will feature a myriad of different elements:

Professional Appearance – In real life, you strive to have your physical therapy clinic portrayed as a respectable, professional medical office. With all of the effort you put forth to maintain your image, why would you want to give online users a different impression? Regretfully, too many offices are doing this every single day by having an unprofessional-looking website. For many potential clients, your website is the first contact they’ll have with your clinic. If your website looks sloppy or dated, visitors’ perception of your office will suffer.

Informative Content – The main reason that most visitors will come to your website is in the search of helpful information. If you’re website is a barren wasteland with little more than a few blurbs about your practice, visitors will quickly move on without even taking a second glance. Having great content that meets the needs of your potential patients is a great way to raise their level of engagement with your office.

A few great types of content that will attractive potential patients to your website include:

  • Colorful, high-quality videos

  • Resourceful articles covering the various conditions your patients face

  • References for home-care after visiting your office

  • Educational diagrams and infographics

Easily Navigable – Your website’s users want to find the answers they’re looking for, with as little time and effort required as possible. That makes it highly important that your website is easily navigable. If they are looking at your clinic’s website and aren’t sure how to get around to the information they need, they’ll simply move on to the next resource – your competitor’s.

Optimized for SEO and Social Media – In today’s market, a great website is going to be optimized for both SEO and social media. Not only does social media integration help bring in new potential clients, but it can also help keep them engaged once they find you. There is significant competition among physical therapy clinics in many areas, and having a great social presence can help put your office out ahead.

Mobile-Friendly – If your clinic’s website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re probably missing out on a significant amount of traffic. According to data from Pew Research, 63% of adult cellphone users use their phone for browsing the internet. For over half of them, 34% of adult cellphone users, their mobile device is the primary way they access the internet. These users can still access your website even if it isn’t mobile-friendly, but their overall user experience will be significantly lower.

Lead-Capturing – Even if you have the most impressive, professional website of any physical therapy clinic in your city, you won’t see much in the way of results if it’s isn’t designed to effectively capture leads. In order to turn a great online presence into a steady stream of new patients, you need to have lead-capturing mechanisms in place.

One great way to capture leads is by creating a mailing list and offering visitors a free report for joining. In addition to mailing lists, some therapists prefer encouraging guests to follow and like their profiles on social media. No matter what lead-capturing strategy you have in place, you should be continuously tweaking your methods to increase conversions. Our physical therapy website templates have been tried and tested to generate the highest level of conversions and results.

Running a physical therapy clinic is tough work and there are a number of responsibilities on your plate all of the time. With a great website, however, attracting new patients doesn’t need to be stressful. A powerful web presence will work to attract, engage and then convert visitors into clients. If you don’t take your physiotherapy clinic’s website seriously though, your potential patients won’t either.

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