Is Your Physical Therapy Website Geared Up For Doctor Referrals?

Doctor referrals for physiotherapy clinics

Is Your Physical Therapy Website Geared Up For Doctor Referrals?

When developing a Physical Therapy website it is easy to put all of the focus on attracting patients, and that is a very important thing after all, they are your primary audience. However, many physical therapists are relying on referrals from doctors so it is important that your site appeals to them too. Let's take a closer look at how to use your PT site to market to doctors as a secondary audience.

What Are Doctor's Looking For in a PT Website?

When a doctor is checking out your PT clinic website in order to decide whether or not they want to refer their patients to you they expect nothing less than a well designed website which functions perfectly. The site also needs to be mobile-optimized since a growing number of doctors use a smartphone of tablet device for convenience between appointments. In short, your website has to look professional. Take a look at some other physical therapy websites to get an idea of the standard you should be looking to achieve.

Doctors are going to want to see that you can offer the right type of physical therapy for their patient, so make sure you have a detailed list of the services you offer along with links to more detailed information about what you can provide. This is information that you probably already have on your website for patients, so it might just be a case of adding some additional information to really underline your expertise in these areas.

It may be wise to have a section labelled 'For Doctors & Physicians' on your navigation where you can collate all of the relevant information that a doctor would be interested in for easy access. In addition to information about services and your qualifications, you could also include a list of the insurances that you can accept and your payment methods. Don't forget to add a disclaimer explaining that insurance acceptance can be subject to change and that patient should call to confirm!

Make Contacting You Easy

Doctor's and their office staff are usually very busy. That means that if you can really streamline the process of referrals for them then they will be more likely to choose you over another clinic that makes the process difficult! One of the easiest ways to do this is by making it easy for them to get in contact with you.

We would suggest using a web form which can be an excellent tool for sending referral requests without the doctor or their staff having to call you. The form should request the patient's name and telephone number, the doctor's name and telephone number and of course, a text field to allow a summary of the case. Make sure that the email address these referral forms are sent to is monitored regularly and that you make a point of calling the doctor's office to say thank you for the referral. This will help to build up a relationship which will hopefully lead to many more patient referral!

Reinforcing Your Website With Newsletters

You might want to reinforce the work you have done on your website by creating a quarterly newsletter aimed at doctors. If you build up a secondary email list of doctors and other healthcare professionals, you can send out this targeted email and include more in depth content than you would for patients along with information about referrals.

If you need assistance getting your physiotherapy clinic's website ready to help get more doctor referrals, then call today on 866.565.4746 for a free demonstration.

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