How Adding Live Chat Support Can Help Secure New PT Patients

How Adding Live Chat Support Can Help Secure New PT Patients

How Adding Live Chat Support Can Help Secure New PT Patients

A growing number of sites across all industries are making use of live chat to offer real time customer support. Let's take a look at some of the ways that having 'Live Chat' support on your PT clinic's website can help to engage with new patients.

What is Live Chat Support?

Live Chat Support is a web application that can be added to your physiotherapy clinic's websites to allow visitors to chat with a member of staff in real time via instant messenger. This is a great way to allow potential patients to ask questions while browsing the site knowing that they do not have to wait for you to respond to an email enquiry or get into a telephone queuing system. A growing number of businesses are making use of live chat services for customer support. So, Let's take a look at why you need to be considering this feature for your PT clinic.

Patients Will Find it Convenient

One of the biggest reasons for choosing to include live chat on your website is that it offers patients immediate and convenient way to access help. A recent study showed that online consumers want help from a live person. The research showed that 44% of consumers said that knowing they can have a live person answer their question in the middle of making a purchase of a product or service is ranked among the most important features that a website can offer. With that in mind, think about what that could do for your appointments booking!  

If your website offers an online booking system then there could very well be potential patients who are thinking about making an appointment, but are holding back because they have unanswered questions. If someone has never used a physical therapist before they may not know what to expect from their first appointment. However, if your clinic has live chat, then these patients can get immediate answers to their concerns which could encourage them to book their appointment.

Live Chat is Cost Effective For You

Another bonus that comes with using live chat is that it is a cost effective method of customer service for you and your clinic. Using live chat can help reduce the amount of time that it takes for employees to answer queries. Since it is all text based, employees can even be dealing with multiple questions at the same time if necessary. This is going to save you money because your staff can be working more efficiently when dealing with customer support tasks.

As an added bonus, using live chat is also going to give you additional access to valuable customer insights as it allows you to collect feedback from those who use it. This is a very inexpensive way to allow patients to evaluate your customer service.

Stand Out From Local Competitors

As you probably already know, physical therapy is a highly competitive industry and it is likely that you are competing against other physical therapists in your local area. This means that it is very important that you take every opportunity available to you to stand out from your competitors. One of those opportunities is live chat support. If you are using live chat support and local competitors are not then you are providing a level of service that your competitors are not able to offer and that is going to give you the edge!

PatientSites 6.0 now offers live chat features for your website with the option of having us manage your queries on your behalf for an additional fee. Call us now on 866.565.4746 to discuss some of the other ways that we can help to transform your physical therapy clinic's online presence.

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