Making Your PT Blog 'At-Home' Friendly

Working out from home equipment, PT at-home friendly.

There are a lot of changes happening in the world right now. Not only are people getting used to social distancing, but a vast majority of people are trying to do everything they once did at specialty places in the comfort of their own homes. Dining room tables are converted to office spaces, as well as living rooms being turned into gyms. 

This includes people who are currently going through physical therapy. Going through full routines at-home can be stressful! Furthermore, some people don’t have access to fancy equipment, or even weights in their household to help with physical therapy! 

Therefore, the majority of people are going to turn to the internet to help them find solutions for their at-home physical therapy problems. So how exactly can you help create PT blog content that is at-home friendly? 

All things considered, finding creative ways to safely and informatively put out content to help your clients can be simple. In order to make your physical therapy blog more customer friendly for those self-isolating, here are some clever ways you can incorporate safe changes to your clients’ routines, without having them leave quarantine! 

Find At-Home Replacements

All in all, the hardest part about doing physical therapy at home is not having the right equipment and tools. However, finding easy to access replacements throughout your home can make a huge difference! Reach out to your clients and your PT blog followers to suggest safe, as well as reasonable at-home replacements for doing therapy. 

Your readers may be alarmed to learn that there are so many items they can find their own homes that can be used in physical therapy! Here are a few things you can suggest for your clients to implement in their PT routines:

  • Bath towels – for stretching and grip strength
  • Canned food items – for small weights
  • Water bottles – for small weights
  • Tables and chairs, as well as other furniture options – for balance, or strength
  • Rubber bands – finger exercises
  • Hammer – for wrist strength

All things considered, there are lots of ways you can still do your PT routine at-home! You may just need a little help from your qualified physical therapist, as well as a few things lying around the house. Be certain that your clients consult their certified physical therapist before they pick up random things around the house to use for their physical therapy! 

Simplified Routines and Simplified Content

One very simple way to make your content more approachable to those self-isolating, is to make your content… well, simple! Instead of doing a normal, in facility routine, create physical therapy routines that will easily translate to a living room. As well as requiring little to no equipment. 

Because not all of your clients will be fortunate enough to have an at-home gym, or even simple gym equipment, it’s important to post information and routines that could be done by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Not only would this make your PT blog more at-home friendly, but it would also help your clients achieve their goals while flattening the curve! 

There are a few ways you can add simplified content to your blog. Here are some examples of what you can do to help your clients understand their new, at-home approach to PT: 

Home Focused Content

Whether it’s your weekly email blast, or scheduling out your blog topics for the month, one thing you can do for your PT clients in quarantine is to redirect the focus of your content. By making more posts about easy at-home physical therapy focused activities, you are providing your clients with a wider base of information and resources! 

You don’t have to change the whole direction of your blog. However, it should be a more prevalent presence in your blog content. Furthermore, the more home based content you have on your site, the more your clients self-isolating will visit your PT blog. 

By implementing these approaches to new, and simple content, you will find that your PT blog will be more at-home accessible! Because not everyone went to school for physical therapy, simplifying your approach to your content should help everyone achieve their PT goals at home! 

Informational Videos

Talking your clients through new information will be extremely helpful. Of course, it would be ideal to talk to each client individually. Not only to offer them personalized information, but to also answer any questions they may have in the moment. This can be done by posting individual videos to your blog, accessible only to them, as well as through linking videos to their private email. 

However, if you can’t video chat with every client one on one, or make individualized posts, you can choose generalized videos. Posting informational videos that apply to anyone on your blog will be incredibly helpful. You can provide general facts on why you do certain exercises, or you can even break down how you create routines. Regardless, letting people know WHY they are doing the work will help them be motivated to do it! 

Another way you can include informational videos is to post content that will show examples of exercises. This can include anything from a full-length routine, as well as individual exercise videos. Show your clients content that will not only allow them to do their routines at home, but also help them to keep proper form and technique! 


All things considered, you’re going to get more traffic if your information is presented in an

easy to follow way. Infographics are a great way to break down complicated ideas in a minimalistic form. Not to mention more people will be able to follow the flow of the picture rather than an educational essay. 

This is not to say that your clients won’t understand the information if presented in a different way. However, it is meant to say that the modern person has a shorter attention span in general. Because human beings can be distracted easily, using an infographic can convey the information in a concise and direct way! 

Creating an infographic can be incredibly simple. Not only are there a wide variety of tools available online, but there are also lots of freelance graphic designers you can easily hire! Whether you hire outside talent, or try your hand at creating them yourself, infographics are a great way to make your PT blog more at-home friendly. 

Incorporate Household Activities

Flattening the curve of COVID-19 doesn’t have to mean making your entire online presence about doing PT from home! The same could be said about the clients you are trying to influence with your content. Incorporating daily, at-home activities into physical therapy may be a welcome change of pace! 

Overall, this approach could help clients to easily include their PT throughout their day. Not to mention it may decrease the amount of stress or anxiety your clients may have about doing their PT routines at home. Here are a few simple ways to make physical therapy a part of being quarantined at-home:

  • Doing PT while accomplishing another, less important task, like watching a movie!
  • Include chores in your clients’ routines, such as folding laundry, or cleaning
  • Have options for indoor, as well as outdoor exercises
  • Incorporate typical household furniture, or items 

If you’re looking to make your PT blog more at-home friendly, it’s important to acknowledge that your clients are going to be in their homes! By incorporating household items and activities, you’ll easily create content into your blog that will engage your audience. 

Therapy At-Home Still Needs a Therapist!

Changing the course of your content to reflect what is happening in the world right now isn’t difficult! However, your clients and subscribers should definitely know one thing above everything else: physical therapy requires qualified physical therapists!

Sure, you can lead your clients down their path of wellness at-home, on their own. But they will still need your guidance. They will most definitely need to have open, and frequent communication with their physical therapist, as well as incorporate the content from your PT blog.

Furthermore, certified physical therapists help patients avoid injury, maintain their physical therapy goals, and stop their clients from going above and beyond their abilities. Not only should your readers know they need to contact their own PT’s regularly, but they should also be informed that they should do so before trying any new activities, or at-home replacements. 

After all, one of the primary goals of physical therapy is to get your clients to a certain point physically. They will need the proper guidance, as well as adjustments and suggestions to stay on their current path. Unless they are a licensed physical therapist, they will definitely need qualified advice and methodologies! 

The Best Ways for Your PT Blog to Be At-Home Friendly for Everyone!

Finding ways to help your clients not only maintain their physical therapy progress, but to also do it at home doesn’t have to be a challenge! Implementing new and creative ways to allow your clients to continue with their PT, as well as accomplish their goals without their normal resources, can be easy with these helpful tips. 

All in all, making your PT blog more at-home friendly can be as easy as creating home focused content. You can try your hand at infographics, as well as incorporate at-home replacements and household activities. Always remember to advise your readers to consult with their personal physical therapist before adding something new to their at-home routine. Not to mention including items they can find around the house. This way you will not only make your followers’ at-home PT easier, but also safer and more informed!

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