Maximizing SEO Results for Physical Therapy Clinics with Multiple Locations

Maximizing SEO Results for Physical Therapy Clinics with Multiple Locations

Optimizing for a Couple of LocationsRanking high in the Google search results can mean big increases in website traffic and potential clients for your clinic. Through the creation of high-quality content, making your way to the top of the list of physical therapy clinics in your area isn’t too difficult. The problem that many offices face is trying to rank in different cities when they have multiple locations spread out around an area.

Optimizing for a Couple of Locations

If your physical therapy clinic has two locations, optimizing your website for both is feasible. For on-site content, you can easily and naturally promote both locations.

“We provide physical therapy in Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach”

You can incorporate both locations into the content you add to your website, effectively optimizing your SEO to rank well in both towns.

While this strategy is great for one or two offices, it can appear unnatural to both potential clients and search engines when applied to offices in several cities.

“We provide physical therapy in Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Lakewood, Glendale, Irvine and Anaheim.”

In order to generate the best results for a wide array of locations, it’s important to customize your website structure and content to focus individually on your different offices.

Don't Duplicate Content For Multiple Locations

All too commonly, physical therapy clinics trying to rank multiple office locations will create a single template for their content and then “ad lib” in their different locations in content creation. While this may be better tailored for human readers, you probably won't find the lift you are looking for.

Strategies for Physical Therapy Clinics with Multiple Locations

When you’re trying to promote more than two different locations for your physical therapy clinic, there are two main strategies that you can incorporate:

1.  Separate websites for each location

Creating Individual Websites for All Locations – This approach is a great way to keep all of your efforts separate when climbing the search engine ranks. Here, you need to create completely separate websites for every one of your officees:


These websites should maintain a similar appearance. The important thing is that they all contain unique content that is different than what you’re posting on your other domains.

This approach forces you to treat every location different but it can be hard to manage and you can find yourself always starting from "zero" from a search creditibilty stand point.

2.  Separate pages within you rsite for each location

Another commonly employed strategy is to create separate sections of your main website which focus on your various locations. Each of these “sub-sections” should be independently created from the others, and creating content individually for these sections is just as important as if they were on separate domains. This could mean structuring your website:


One advantage of this approach is that your various sub-sections can benefit from the authority and SEO power of the main domain, rather than all efforts being completely separate as with the first option.

Operating multiple clinic locations around your area is a great way to maximize your reach into the market.

Many patients want to stay close to home when selecting a physical therapy clinic, and therefore are hunting for quality offices in the communities where they live.

Too frequently, clinics with multiple locations try to cram all of their efforts into a single set of content. In the end, they’re work can do more harm than good.

The secret to growing search engine traffic and being seen by the greatest number of potential patients is to develop unique content for each location and promote them in a separate way from each other, such as individual websites or subsections of your main page. It can be time-consuming to create content to more than one or two locations, so we offer a range of services to make the entire process simple for your physical therapy clinic.

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