Local Link Building Techniques for Physical Therapy Clinics

Local Link Building Techniques

Link building is critical to establish a strong online presence and gain popularity in the eyes of Google. Like everything else in life, not all links are created equal. In fact, you would rather have a handful high quality links, rather than a huge amount of low quality links from websites with low domain.

However, remember that that these links shouldn’t only be there to please the search engines: it’s also important that users actually click on them. When trying to define a good link, always think about these three things:

  • A good link drives direct referral traffic
  • A good link helps build your online reputation
  • A good link will increase your online visibility with your target audience

When you have an opportunity to acquire a new local link, make sure that the link satisfies at least one of the above mentioned criteria, otherwise your efforts will simply not be worth it. Here are a few ways you can get high quality, local links for your PT clinic’s website:

Student and alumni discounts

Educational institutions usually have high domain authority and tons of traffic that can be useful for your PT clinic. Offering discounts to students and faculty members of nearby universities or local schools can be a great way to receive a link or two from their website. You can reach out to those universities and tell them about your discount offer, and also create a page on your website that will explain everything in detail.

Host a community event

As a PT clinic owner, you know how important, rewarding and satisfying it is to give back to the community. The good part is that it’s also a great way to get a local link from your city’s website, which most certainly has high domain authority.

Hosting a community event doesn’t have any specific guidelines: every business should throw an event according to their budget. The only thing you want to make sure is that you choose a relevant topic (something that the local community will be interested in) and spread the word as much as you can. In addition to getting local links, events will help increase your brand visibility and reach, get mentioned on social media channels and increase trust with your audience.

Create a local resource page

Local resource pages are used to share the latest and most exciting news about topics you are passionate about. As a PT clinic owner, you should pick a topic that is relevant to your industry, audience and niche. The range of topics isn’t limited, as long as it’s not something that may damage your clinic’s reputation and is relevant to your audience.

For example, you can share information about different sports events in your area and you will get links from sports magazines and sports websites. Also, sports is a good topic for you, since injuries are very common and most sportsmen are in need of a physiotherapist from time to time.

Reach out to local bloggers

Local bloggers that have a good number of followers represent a great opportunity for PT clinic owners to improve their local SEO and link building strategy. Find bloggers that write about topics relevant to you (health, medicine, massage, etc.) and ask them to mention your website in one of their posts. Most bloggers are open to link building relationships with local businesses, since it’s also good for their own blog. Some bloggers will ask you for a link in return, others might be more demanding. Figure out what works best for you and get a couple of links from local blogs.

Leverage your existing relationships

As a PT clinic, you might have come across patients that are highly influential people in your local community. Assuming they were satisfied with your services, it shouldn’t be too hard to arrange a conference, interview, podcast or similar promotion for your clinic’s website. Influencer interviews are generally sought after by local news websites, niche magazines and even government websites. Existing relationships be a great way to increase your website’s authority online.

There are many other ways to get local links for your website like sponsorships, but are much less reliable and sometimes too costly. The link building strategies described above work perfectly and will help increase your PT clinic’s online visibility and authority significantly, when executed properly.

Link building is an important part of your local SEO strategy. Most PT clinics rely on local searches for acquiring new patients and a large portion of their website traffic comes from local searches as well. Take a look at how we help PT clinics improve their local SEO at PatientSites.com

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