How Personality Can Set Your PT Clinic Apart from the Competition

Personality PT clinic

As a physical therapy clinic owner, there are very few things outside of quality of services that can separate you from the pack.


One of those few things is personality.


Unfortunately, clinics with personality are hard to find these days.


“Professionalism”, also known as being boring, is emphasized so much by most clinics today that patients have a tough time being themselves.


This causes scenarios where patient/therapist relationships feel forced and fake, rather than being a situation where the therapist can develop an actual friendship with the person that they will be treating.


You see, while your physical therapy clinic may be labeled as a B2C business, it’s not. It’s a H2H (human-to-human) business.


And if you want to succeed as a human-to-human business, you need to have and show some personality.


Here’s a look at a few ways that you can do this.


#1 – Create an About Page That Goes Deeper Than Your Experience and Credentials


Most PT clinics load their About Page with lines of information about credentials, awards won, and testimonials from happy patients.


The thing is, every PT clinic that a patient would even think about going to has these same, or at least very similar, credentials.


And do you really think that someone is going to choose your clinic over the one down the street because George S. said:


                “The staff was friendly and the therapists were there for me throughout my treatment.


When everyone is doing the same thing, and has the same or similar credentials, whether or not they choose you is likely going to come down to if they know you, and therefore feel that they can trust you.


But if you don’t have the huge network that your competitors do, you have to make them feel like they know you and can trust you, even if they don’t.


That’s exactly how you should be using your About Page; to help people feel like they know you and can trust you.


Take a look at this example of video production agency FancyRhino’s About Page.

Personality PT clinic

When you look at this, you immediately develop a sense of comfort with this company. You see that they have a sense of humor and each staff member’s personality is displayed prominently.


No matter how you do it, the key is to make yourself vulnerable enough to portray your personality to potential patients in a way that will make them feel like they know you.


#2 – Get Creative When Marketing Your Physical Therapy Clinic


Another great way to use your personality to set you apart from your competition is through your marketing strategies and campaigns.


Whether you’re creating a commercial, writing an email, or posting on social media, just about every marketing strategy you attempt is an opportunity to show your personality to potential patients.


Just as with your physical therapy clinic’s About Page, this should all about making people feel comfortable with who you and your staff are as people.


Use your marketing as a way to not just promote your physiotherapy services, but to show people that you’re someone that truly cares about developing a relationship with them.


#3 – Show Your Personality Outside and Inside of Your Clinic


In order for your personality to serve as an advantage, you need to show it both outside and inside of your clinic.


Don’t fake something that you’re not. Be you whether you are attending a charity event or helping a 70-year-old patient learn to walk again.


Let your personality shine, be vulnerable, and don’t be afraid to be a little different than all of the other PT clinics in your area.


By doing this, you put yourself in a much better position to outdo your competition than by simply getting in a competition over who can list the most credentials and awards.


As difficult as it may be to set yourself apart from the competition, marketing solutions like the one we offer here at Patient Sites can make this process much easier for you and your staff.


We’ve helped thousands of physical therapy clinic owners by delivering an all-in-one marketing solution that will save you time and get you results.


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