Using a Photographer For a PT Clinic's Promo Shots

Photographer taking a photo

Using a Photographer For a PT Clinic's Promo Shots

Creating the perfect website involves far more than just putting a bunch of block text on the page. You want something that is going to attract the attention of the viewer. You want something that is appealing to look at and causes the person to want to look further into the contents of your website. Everyone has heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” well, nowhere is that phrase more true than on the internet. The right pictures on a website makes it can enhance what is already there and turn it into a marketer’s dream.

Website Basics

Before you look at the pros and cons of adding professional photographs to your website let us discuss some basics. Simply because a website does not have images, does not mean it is a bad website. The truth is if you have a well-outlined website and the content is the most current and up-to-date, then you have a good basis. Add into that a website where the content works well when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and you are on your way to a successful digital marketing plan.

Taking Things up a Notch

Now that we have established that your PT Clinic’s website has the necessary barebones to make it successful, it is time that you take things up a notch to garner more traffic to your site. Traffic is essential because it can translate into customers and that is, after all, what you need to survive and thrive. Visual content can be that extra boost that your clinic's website needs.

One of the best ways to enhance an already good site is to include photographs by a professional. The term professional is essential. When someone comes to your website if the majority of the images are self-photographed, you may end up doing more harm than good to your website. Here are some pros and cons to self-photography.


  • Cost – One of the biggest pros to self-photography is the cost. If you or a member of your staff takes the photos, you will save on the expense.

  • Realistic – When self-photographing the PT Clinic staff and patients you are using real people, not some model. This may help potential patients feel more connected.

  • Equipment – Potential clients will see the state of the equipment and rooms they may end up using. This provides them with comfort and familiarity before entering the clinic.


  • Quality – Photos taken without professional equipment look grainy, pixelated, even distorted if the lighting is not correct.

  • Subpar equipment – Failing to use the right camera can result in the Clinic’s equipment looking washed out, old, or damaged. Potential clients want to see clear images of the equipment so they know it is functional and in good condition.

  • Staff & Patients – If you take the photos of your staff and you only use your phone or a poor quality camera, these images may also look subpar. Instead of looking professional, they can look like mug shots.

Benefits of Professional Photography

Professional photos may cost a bit more; the key con, but they provide you with exactly what you are looking for on your website. You can acquire the necessary photos in a few ways.

  • Photographers – Hire a professional photographer to come to your clinic and take the shots desired. They will give you the shots you want of your staff, clinic, and equipment. Furthermore, they have the ability to edit photos before placing on your website.

  • Stock photos – Stock photos provide a viable option for those not wanting a real photographer in the clinic. The right graphic designer can select photos that will work perfectly for the image you want to project. They work great for home and service pages.

  • Clinic photos – Have professional photos or head shots taken of the staff for your website’s about us and staff pages. These should be high quality professional shots of the people working in the clinic.

Adding professional photographs to your website will provide countless benefits. It will enhance the visual appeal and draw more potential clients to your clinic. Here at we give our customers access to a library of professional stock photographs that can be used on PT websites and on Social Media. This is just one of many great features of our service. Call us today on 866 565-4746 to find out more.

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