What Your Physical Therapy Patients Want to Read on Your Blog

What Your Physical Therapy Patients Want to Read on Your Blog

If there is one mistake that lots of physical therapists make when it comes to blogging, it is that they are not publishing content that their patients are actually interested in reading. Your blog needs to be engaging to your patients so you are going to need to cover topics that matter to them. You need to keep in mind that you are not writing for your fellow physiotherapists, but for the people who will ultimately use your services. So, how do you know what you should be writing about?

What Your Physical Therapy Patients Want to Read on Your Blog

How Can Blogging Help You & Your Patients?

In order to figure out which topics you need to be covering, you will first need to understand exactly why you should be blogging in the first place. A blog is a fantastic way to encourage lots of interaction between you and your patients. It offers you a platform to discuss your practice, the areas of physical therapy that you specialize in and to answer those questions that you are commonly asked. Just remember that you need to be offering valuable information to your patients and potential patients. This will build credibility, which can only be good for business since trust is very important in the healthcare sector.

Where to Find Appropriate Topics For Your PT Blog?

One of the easiest ways to come with topic ideas for your blog that are truly going to interest your patients is to answer the questions that they commonly ask. Check out the comments section of your existing posts or reach out to your followers on social media and ask them to submit their questions about physical therapy. You can then determine which questions are the most common and write blog posts that answer those questions.

If this does not yield many results, then you need to find out where your audience is hanging out online. Do your potential patients visit a forum or are they chatting via Twitter? Find out where your target audience is and hang out with them. Take note of what they are discussing and you will uncover the hot topics that physical therapy patients care about right now.

Once again (because we can't put enough emphasis on this) your content must offer some value to the reader. There is no point in publishing the same old generic information that is available on 100 other sites. Your content needs to be interesting, so don't be afraid to get a little creative when seeking out your blog topics. Consider publishing tutorials for popular exercises or advice for rehabing from certain injuries as these will solve common problems that your patients may be looking for assistance with.

10 Sample Topics For A Physical Therapy Clinic Blog

If you are still struggling to come up with appropriate topics for your blog, then take a look at some of these sample topics which you may be able to adapt to suit your own PT clinic. These are topics that will likely interest physical therapy patients as they offer some valuable information or answer commonly asked questions about physiotherapy in general.

  • Exercises to Relieve Back Pain in Pregnancy

  • How to Speed Up Your Recovery From an Ankle Injury

  • The Benefits of Core Strength Training

  • What to Expect From Your First Physical Therapy Session

  • The Best Exercise For Shoulder Stability

  • Recovering From ACL Surgery

  • Is Physical Therapy Painful?

  • How to Execute The Perfect Squat

  • Treatment Options For Lower Back Pain

  • How Do I Know If Physiotherapy Can Help Me?

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