Great Newsletters: How To Approach Your Existent Physiotherapy Patients

Physiotherapy Newsletters

There is a simple rule in business that applies to all industries: retaining and nurturing your existing customers is much more efficient, easier and faster than hunting for new ones. In fact, 70% businesses worldwide agree that retaining an existing customer, is much cheaper than acquiring a new one.

This is true about PT clinics as well, especially when patients are satisfied with your services. While each PT clinic makes tons of efforts to acquire new customers, it’s easy to forget about existing customers who already attended your clinic while in the run.

Even though the collaboration between you has ended, patients might still be in need of your services so it’s important not to let existing customers forget about your clinic and maintain a constant touch with them.

Why newsletters are great

Newsletters are easy, affordable and can be sent out to every patient on your email list. Newsletters, and email in general, are very popular nowadays (around 60% people check their emails first thing in the morning), and people are more inclined to open emails from businesses they like and trust, as opposed to promotional stuff.

Also, when you are hunting for new patients, you don’t have too much information at your disposal: you create content that should attract patients to your PT clinic, but you don’t have the possibility to address each patient (or group of patients) individually, simply because you don’t know that much about them.

When a patient has completed a treatment plan in your clinic though, it’s a different story. You know everything about the person: what his/her case was, how satisfied was the patient, his/her job and lifestyle, etc. this creates an excellent opportunity for your PT clinic to create personalized newsletters, customized to each patients needs and case, and lets you offer information that is most relevant to them.

Newsletters aren’t irritating

Usually, newsletters are sent out once a month and don’t irritate people like other promotional emails they receive each day. It’s more of a warm reminder about the great treatment at your PT clinic, especially when you know how to grab people’s attention.

For example, if you have a new service that will interest your patients, mention it in the newsletter, if you have an upcoming promotion – tell them about it, if your clinic successfully handled a complex case, share your success.

Newsletters can help acquire new patients as well

Your existing patients might potentially be one of the biggest sources for acquiring new patients.

With the help of a simple newsletter, you can remind your patients about your clinic and even if they don’t need your services at the given time, they might have friends or family members that they can recommend your clinic to.

Physiotherapy is one of those things that requires trust: it’s not like buying a book in a store. People are concerned for their health and won’t just visit the first clinic they encounter. However, if you can get a friend or family member to recommend your clinic, the trust issue will be solved instantly. Studies have shown that when it comes to choosing a brand/business or making a purchase, 77% of people trust their friends and families more than anything else.

Newsletters increase patient engagement

Patient engagement is one of the key metrics that you need to keep track of during your online marketing campaigns. Newsletters are a great way to engage and interact with your audience. For instance, you can include CTAs that will direct users to your website pages, where they may find interesting information or maybe get to know about some of the new services your clinic offers.

Also, you can include surveys that will collect feedback from patients and allow them to express their thoughts and ideas. You can ask about their treatment process, what they liked/disliked about it, ask for advice on how you can improve your services, etc. This tactic will make patients feel important and valued by your clinic, which is a key step towards establishing lifelong relationships and acquiring loyal clients.

It’s always important to nurture existing patients when hunting for new ones. Don’t forget that they have already trusted you once, and there is good chance that they will trust you again when they need a physician’s help – if they don’t forget about you. Newsletters are one of the best and cost-efficient ways to stay in touch with existing patients and make sure that most (if not all) of them come visit your clinic again in the future.

Here at PatientSites, we help PT clinics create outstanding, personalized and engaging newsletters for their exiting patients. Come have a look and learn more about how we do it.

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