Content Checklist For a Physical Therapy Website


Content Checklist For a Physical Therapy Website

When putting information on a physical therapy clinic website, it can be difficult to decide what should and should not be included. That is why we are sharing our checklist of all the must have content that should be included on every physical therapy clinic's website.

Details of Your Services

On of the most important categories of content you should be including on your clinic's website is plenty of detailed information about the services that you can offer. Do not just list all of your treatments on a single page, create dedicated pages for each one explaining what that particular problem is and how you can treat it. You can also include details of the experience and training you have in that area and even add photos or videos relating to that type of treatment. Some of the key services that you will want to cover are the main reasons why people seek out a physical therapist :

  • Back Pain

  • Knee Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Sports Injury

  • Occupational Therapy

These all need their own section on your clinic's website. You may want to group other less popular service together under additional services, but you certainly want to cover the main ones.

Downloadable Patient Forms

It is also wise to allow patients to download any required forms from your website prior to their first visit so that thy can be filled out at home. This is far more convenient for your patients and will save time making their appointment at the clinic more efficient. You may even want to look at allowing the forms to be completed online and submitted electronically.

Which Insurances You Will Accept

One major thing that most physical therapists seem to forget when creating their website is insurance! It is important to have a page detailing the different insurances that you can accept as well as your clinic's direct access policies. It is always worth emphasising that they should call to check their insurance before booking an appointment as this will avoid any issues with patients who are not covered expecting insurance to pay for their treatment.

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials are something that we have talked about often on our blog and they are a very important part of marketing your clinic. Testimonials help to build trust and are like word of mouth recommendations for your service. It is a good idea to select the best testimonials and post them on your website. You can even ask if the patients who wrote them are willing to have photographs or video posted alongside their testimonials as this will allow potential patients visiting your website to see real people getting real results from your treatment.

Contact Information

It probably goes without saying, but you must have your complete contact information on your website. This includes not just your address and phone number, but also a map showing your location. You could also include details of public transport serving your location. Also include email information and links to social media so that potential customers have plenty of different ways that they can get in touch if required. This is also a good time to make sure that you have signed up to Google My Location and completed your profile.

Blog Content

Sometimes, physical therapists do not seem to think that they actually need a blog. However, all businesses have to have a blog. This is the easiest way to include fresh new content on your website, which is important for SEO purposes. It is also a great way to keep patients informed about anything going on in the physical therapy world such as new treatments, offers your clinic is running and events you are going to be involved in. A blog can also be a great way to deliver educational content to potential patients. For example, a pregnant lady is up all night with back pain and her husband is searching online for a way to offer relief. It is not possible to get an appointment at 3am, but if your blog can offer some DIY exercises that he can help his wife with then not only will she get some relief, but he is going to remember you when he suffers a football injury a few weeks later! This is just one of the ways that a blog can be of value to your clinic.

These are just some of the important aspects of any physical therapy clinic's website. We can help you to develop a website that covers all of this and more. Call us today on 866 565 4746 to discuss what can do for you and your clinic.

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