Testimonials That Convert: Impress New PT Patients with a Great Page

Physical Therapy testimonials That Convert

Having good responses and comments on social media is great for increasing your reach and driving more traffic to your physiotherapy website. However, once patients get to the actual website you need to have a strong testimonials page to convert them.

Testimonials are good for a number of reasons:

  • They are given by real patients so newcomers can often relate to the problems and solutions described in the testimonial

  • People tend to follow in the steps of other people. If a number of patients say that your physiotherapy clinic was good for them, then it probably will be good for new patients as well

  • Testimonials clear uncertainty and objections – when new patients see that your services really worked for somebody else like them, they will feel safer entrusting their health issues to your clinic

What makes a good testimonial?

good testimonial is the one that addresses a specific question and offers a specific solution to that question, as opposed to more general claims. For example, a testimonial like “This physical therapy clinic is great and it changed my life forever” sounds way too general and unconvincing. People want to know exactly how your clinic helped change anything for the better.

In contrast, something like “The high quality of service, knowledge and professionalism of therapists in this clinic helped me relieve my back pains and now I can enjoy life with my family as if I am 25 years old again” will definitely make a strong impression on new patients, because it addresses a specific issue and tells them how your clinic helped solve that issue.

How to get great testimonials

To get good testimonials, it’s not enough to just ask patients for them. If you do that, they might just give you an answer like “it was very good” which isn’t what you are looking for. You need to have a list of specific questions that you can ask your patients and have them answer those as precisely as they can.

  1. Challenges – When the patient first came to your clinic, he or she had a certain challenge, a problem that needed a solution. Ask the patient to describe that challenge and also say how he or she chose your clinic especially.

  2. Results – After using the services of your clinic, your patient solved the issue discussed in question 1. Ask him to say how exactly the issue was solved and what is the end result that he experiences now.

  3. What aspect of the service did the patient like most – with the help of this question, you will understand what exactly was that the patient liked about your clinic’s treatment or service most. Knowing this, you will be able to emphasize this feature on the testimonial and let others know that you can help them if they have the same issue.

  4. Name three other benefits that you experienced – after the core benefit is discovered, it’s important to know what else did the patient love about your physiotherapy clinic. It can be something as small as the decorations or the interior, or something big like the professional and caring attitude of the staff. No matter how big or small those reasons are, you need to know about them.

  5. Would they recommend your clinic to others and why – This is a simple, yet strong question because when thinking about it, your patient not only evaluates your clinic’s service, but also his own reputation in the eyes of the others. So if he recommends your clinic to others for a given reason, he will make sure that the reason is indeed worth it.

  6. Anything else they would like to add – Sometimes you can’t capture everything within those five main questions and patients might be willing to share some other experience with you. Whatever the case, include this question at the end to make sure that you have captured as much information as you can about the overall experience.

After gathering the answers to all these questions, you will be able to put together a great testimonial that addresses a specific issue and offers a concrete solution. Don’t be afraid of asking for this kind of help from your patients: if they are happy with the treatment/service they got at your clinic, they will be more than willing to share their experience with you and others.

On a final note, remember to always ask permission of putting the testimonial on your physical therapy clinic’s website. It’s an important part of showing respect to your patients and also making sure that they are fine with others learning about their story. At PatienSites.com we help physiotherapy clinics create strong testimonials that convert patients. Take a look at some of our testimonials here.

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