Is Pinterest A Viable Marketing Option For Physical Therapists?

Is Pinterest A Viable Marketing Option For Physical Therapists?

Pinterest For Physical Therapists

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks there is with approximately 2.5 billion page views every month and plenty of businesses have found it to be a rich source of traffic, but does that mean that it is a good fit for physical therapists? Let's take a closer look at some of the ways that Pinterest can be used in marketing Physical Therapy clinics.

One of the big differences between Pinterest and some of the other major social networks is that it is focused on images. This has made it a huge marketing tool for creative businesses and indeed any business which has a tangible product for sale which they can photograph. However, for businesses who are serviced based and don't have any products to photograph, like the physical therapy industry, knowing how to use the site to your advantage is a little bit more difficult.


A great way to share information with your social media fans and blog subscribers is to create and/or share infographics. These visual representations are a great way to help patients understand various statistics and other information. You can create your own infographics or re-pin them from other users if you don't have the means to do so.

Share Some Motivation

If you are new to Pinterest, then the easiest way for you to get started with it for your PT clinic is to start sharing some motivational quotes and general tips for health and wellness. It is best to try and upload your own images along with links and descriptions, but if this proves to be a little difficult while you are still building up your blog and online presence then it is okay to re-pin posts from other users. In fact, this can help to gain you followers and is a good way to boost your boards, especially when you are just starting out.

Demonstrate Basic Exercises

Another great way to utilize Pinterest as a marketing tool for your physical therapy clinic is to offer educational material to patients who are checking out your board. You can do this by sharing tutorials to help demonstrate basic physical therapy exercises. This can be done not only in the form of illustrated diagrams and photos, but also with short video clips.

Introduce Your Staff

Every PT clinic that is on Pinterest should create a board that is all about the clinic. Not only can you use this board to offer a virtual tour of the facilities and equipment that you have to offer, but you can also use it as an opportunity to introduce your staff members. Why not add a photograph of each staff member and share their qualifications and any areas of speciality that they work in. It can be reassuring for your patients to familiarize themselves with the people who will be treating them.

Get Involved With Community Boards

If you want to make sure that your pins are seen by large numbers of people, then it is well worth looking at joining a couple of community boards on Pinterest. Health and wellness is a very popular category on Pinterest, so it should be easy enough to find some community boards in that category where you can post PT related pins. Motivational quotes can also be a very popular choice for community boards and can also be worth taking a look at.

Pinterest is certainly a viable option for physical therapists who are looking for other platforms through which to attract new patients and engage with existing ones. With the help of PatientSites you can manage your social media marketing easily, ensuring a steady supply of relevant and engaging content. Get in touch today for a free demonstration.

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