Raising Your Physical Therapy Clinic's Content Marketing Game

Raising Your Physical Therapy Clinic's Content Marketing Game

Physical Therapy Content Marketing

There are multiple tools to use when it comes to your clinic’s content marketing. Of all those tools, the most effective is the one that raises awareness for our PT clinic’s name. Since the algorithms for Google and other browsers are revised on a continual basis, it is important for your PT clinic to constantly change up your marketing content to ensure you are getting the most out of it to help drive potential patients to your PT clinic. Stepping up your game is another way in which to guarantee that your PT clinic is standing far above the rest of an ever-increasing physical therapy market. Here are a few suggestions that will help ensure you are doing the most with your content marketing for your PT clinic.

Headlines Matter in Content Marketing

If you are someone that tends to post content that may only have a title, you might consider incorporating multiple headlines into your PT clinic marketing content. Many people are unaware of the effectiveness of utilizing headlines and sub headlines in their PT clinic marketing content. The reality is, when it comes to algorithms, such as Google’s Panda algorithm, the presence of H1 and H2 tags will enhance your overall SEO.

The Battle Between Quantity and Quality

Some people involved with content marketing believe that the more content you put out the better your chances are of drawing in more potential patients. Whereas getting the name of your PT clinic out there is important, it is essential that the marketing content that you are publishing is not only promotional but which will also generate enough interest that the content will encourage people to contact your PT clinic and become potential patients.

Another reason why it is essential to put out quality content for your PT clinic over quantity is that the algorithms that are employed by Google and other browsers are far more stringent. At one time, it was simple to put out massive quantities of content that was less than ideal. Currently, if your content is not top notch and relevant Google will let you know. Do not forget, quality content that engages the patients you want is essential, not quantity. You just need to find the right balance to ensure a regular flow of fresh content.

Benefits From The Use of Infographics

When it comes to content marketing, it is apparent that marketing teams are utilizing as many options as possible to get their PT clinics information out to the masses. Marketing teams are using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as blogs to grab the attention of potential patients. For this reason, when you are putting out your PT clinic’s marketing content you want to offer as much information as is feasible in a succinct format. The ideal medium for this is to use infographics.

The inclusion of an infographic when posting your content will garner the attention you need. For those who have never tried infographics as a part of their content marketing strategy, now may be the time for you to consider incorporating it to see what type of changes it will make to your traffic levels. It has been established that as much as 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual which means that information shared in infographics will be much more easily processed.

Schedule Content Marketing around Collected Data

One of the greatest benefits to marketing teams today is the plethora of tools available that can provide them with data regarding content marketing. By gathering data, your marketing team can determine what days garner the most engagement by potential patients. One example is data that shows content posted over the weekend attract far less engagement than content posted on a Wednesday for example. Data can help determine what subjects interest current and potential patients. The utilization of tools such as Bing and Google webmaster, HootSuite, and Twitter Analytics are invaluable in determining what content marketing tactics and practices bring about the best traffic and interaction on social media sites.

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