6 Ways to Save Money on Your Physical Therapy Website Costs

Let’s face it, running a blog and a website can sometimes cost a pretty penny. When you look at social media campaigns, as well as how much time you spend, and maintenance fees it all adds up! So how can you take a step back and save money on your website costs? 

There are several ways where you can not only keep your PT blog customer-friendly, but keep the monthly costs down! Finding new tips and key points that will help you save money on your website costs doesn’t have to be difficult! 

There are six areas where you need to focus to bring your monthly price tags to a minimum. Tools and hardware, hosting costs, classes, and education, as well as extras like plug-ins, marketing, and knowing what your time is worth!

Essentially, if you can be smart with your spending in these six categories, you’ll be on your way to saving money on your blog and PT website! In order to help you further, let’s break down how to save in all of those categories. Here are six tips on how to save money on your website costs!

Tools and Essentials Costs

All things considered, tools, hardware, and essentials for your blog are going to be the most expensive things. However, most of these items tend to be a one-time purchase and not a monthly cost.

Here is a list of things that are considered tools and essentials for maintaining your PT blog:

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Camera
  • Smartphone
  • Internet Connection
  • Office Supplies

It’s not difficult to save money on these items, but they can be costly!

One way to save money on the bigger hardware items, like computers, as well as smartphones and tablets, is to wait for a big sale! You can wait until Boxing Day, or Black Friday, or try to shop around a major holiday. Not to mention you can research when your favorite tech stores are having promotional deals on different brands.

Having an internet connection that is reliable is a must for your full-time PT blog. You can’t operate your blog without it! Overall, a great way to save money on your essential internet connection is to bundle it with other things. For instance, you can have your internet linked to cable, or a landline. As well as having it connected to your cell phone plan!

Research locally to find deals and great prices for all of your office supplies, computers, as well as your cameras and content necessities. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best deals on internet connections too!

Hosting Prices

Finding a reliable blog and website host can be frustrating. There are so many options available! So how can you save money on hosting costs?

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are an excellent way to save money AND find a quality host for your website. Generally, you can find coupon codes in promotion emails, as well as through social media campaigns. These coupon codes may only seem to take a few pennies off of your monthly costs, but those little discounts definitely add up in the long run!

Free Hosting Websites

Every day there are more and more free hosting sites that allow you to create high-quality blogs for next to NOTHING! They offer simple to learn platforms for people just starting out on their PT blog journey. They offer basic website tools, as well as being a great way to keep your monthly maintenance low with very easy to use templates.

Necessary Hosting Services Only!!!

All in all, there are lots of hosting sites that offer excellent services through your monthly costs. However, you could be paying for more than you absolutely need! Take a close look at what exactly is included with your monthly hosting fees.

For example, website monitoring, SEO flags, SMS notifications, as well as Content Backup, and Security options are all extra services that may be included. Because you don’t necessarily NEED all of these options, it’s completely ok to knock them off your monthly bill.

Time Frame

When you pay for a longer time period, you can also save a lot of money on hosting costs. Pay for a year in advance, or a few months at a time, instead of the smaller monthly fees. This will save money in the long run when hosting providers offer specials for longer time frames!

Saving money with hosting companies can be simple. Altogether, you can save so much money by using all or a few of these hosting price hacks!

Classes and Education

Not all of us are experts at PT blogs, website coding, or even SEO content! That being said, you may need to take online classes to keep your clients coming back for your content. Part of the costs of maintaining your website will definitely include educating yourself on HOW to manage your website in the first place!

Educating yourself on how to manage your PT blog, as well as edit pictures, create interesting content, and keep traffic up is key to making your website a success. But, how can you save money on your education?

All in all, there are lots of ways you can find affordable classes to keep your website costs down and still learn the basics of how to manage your business.

Here are a few ways you can save money on general education:

  • Sign Up for Online Classes – Have you never edited a photo using Photoshop before? Do you need to learn how to do some basic coding to make your website look exactly how you want it! Look into taking online courses to get you started. You can take weekly courses, as well as pay for extensive workshops. Whatever you feel most comfortable with, and can find discounted rates for your time.
  • Free Materials – There are lots of free materials online that can help you learn the basics of website management. From YouTube videos, free courses, to free information from the library, you can make it work for free if you need to! However, it may not include the professional one on one attention, or expertise you may want.
  • Find an Expert – Paying someone for their time and effort in expanding your education is an excellent way to educate yourself on website management. Find someone in the PT blog field or someone that has operated their own website and may know more than a few tricks of the trade. All in all, you can pay them for their time, but save money by not paying for a full course load!

Educating yourself on how to maintain your website is ESSENTIAL! Because there are so many options when it comes to finding online courses, other professionals, or free materials, there are tons of ways to save money.

Plugins, Extensions, and Themes

Sometimes, when it comes to saving money for your website, you may not consider all of the bonus materials that can cost extra. Save money on your website costs by looking into the best options for plugins, extensions, as well as fun and exciting themes.

The top hosting companies will offer certain plug-ins and themes at a discount when you initially sign up for their services. However, it’s important you know what you will need or want ahead of time so you’re not paying for elements you will never use!

Plugins are basically software that allows your website to have certain functions that aren’t typically included in your basic hosting package. Because they can add useful functionality to your PT blog, plugins can be a great tool in the long run. Not to mention offer you more thorough editing options and control over your website.

Keep in mind, however, that plugins, extensions, and popular themes can cost extra! In order to save money on these essential tools, you can easily opt for only what you truly want. Not only that but also do some research into discounts and hosting specials when you first sign up!


Marketing your website can take up a lot of your monthly budget. But if you want you to get new traffic, as well as bring back clients to your website, it’s important that your marketing is GOOD. Save money on your website costs by learning the basic ins and outs of free online marketing! 

There are so many options for free or affordable ways to market your website. From email blasts to mailing lists, as well as using things like guest blogging and online forums. These are all powerful ways to bring people to your website that don’t break the bank.

Social media is another amazing way to reach a broader audience for your website. Though this may be a more time-consuming option for you as a content creator, social media is a free platform. Take advantage of it to save money on your website costs and still market your PT blog successfully.

Time and Commitment

Your time is money. Really and truly, knowing your worth when it comes to the time and commitment you put into your website will be necessary to saving money in the long run! Take courses, educate yourself on how to market your website, but keep in mind that the more time you spend working on the website yourself, without hiring outside help, will definitely save you money.

However, keep in mind that your time is still worth a pretty penny. And it’s also important to know when you aren’t capable of handling something on your own. Sometimes, you may need to hire outside freelancers, or designers, as well as guest writers for your content. Save money on your website costs by hiring skilled professionals who know what their time is worth and they deliver excellent quality content!

Saving Money on Website Costs is Easy!

You can easily manage your website and save money at the same time. Using the tips for these six categories will not only let you have a great website but keep up traffic while saving money on your website costs! Don’t settle for low-quality hosting, or a lackluster marketing strategy just because of money. Use these helpful tips to save money on your website today!

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