Social Media Trends Physiotherapy Clinics Should Follow in 2016

Social Media Trends Physiotherapy Clinics Should Follow in 2016

Social media is not a fad that is going away. Globally a staggering 65% of adults are social media users. With so many users on social media, businesses of all kinds are turning to social media to enhance their business. Here are some things to look for and consider using in the coming year.

Using Employees for Increased Business Exposure

Companies across the board are turning to social media to expand their client base. As effective as companies find using a dedicated social media team is for increasing sales and services one fact remains. Potential clients are more inclined to listen to, or follow up on things shared by employees than the actual company itself. When done properly employees sharing information can only benefit a company. Be on the lookout for new tools for employees.

Advertising on Social Media

Any PT clinic that has been hesitant to get into social media needs to realize that those fears are holding your business back. The use of social media in your marketing campaign is essential in 2016. Social media is changing such that business ads will show up like a normal post from the user's friends list. With targeting tools available, ads for your PT clinic will make it directly to your target audience. Making sure that an increased number of people see your ads for your physical therapy clinic can result in increased numbers of new patients. Do not pass up on the chance to utilize one of the best marketing tools in recent years to get your clinic's name out there to potential patients. Advertising on social media is something that is only going to continue to grow, not decline.

Social Media in the Workplace

The use of email in business is commonplace. The notion email will no longer be necessary in the workplace is being explored. Companies are trying to use things such as Slack, to avoid the use of email. The concept of utilizing chatrooms in a business and searchable archives is something that may soon be a real option for a wide range of companies, including your PT clinic. Along with Slack, Facebook is looking into starting a tool called Facebook at Work. With so many users on Facebook, this is something to look for in the future.

Utilizing Social Videos

The use of social videos is increasing in astronomical numbers. There was a time YouTube garnered the most daily views by internet users. Things have changed. There are reports that the viewing of videos on Facebook has jumped to a staggering 8 billion daily, surpassing YouTube. Facebook is not the only one in the world of social media where people post and view videos. Twitter as well as Snapchat has joined in the social video game. Snapchat alone is reaching as many as 6 billion daily video views.

The notion that video viewing on social media will decrease is laughable. Daily video views on social media will only continue to grow in 2016. Corporations are realizing how valuable a tool videos are for marketing purposes. Suggested videos on Facebook will start in the coming year. Businesses in all areas can benefit from videos.

If you own a physical therapy clinic and you would like to get into the game with social videos you might be hesitant due to costs. Fortunately, it is possible to make short 8 second videos, thanks to the likes of Vines, to get yourself out there. There are also Instagram videos, Periscope, and Meerkat to help you get into the social video game. has helped hundreds of physiotherapy clinics to take better control of how they use social media. Just take a look at some of our client testimonials and you will soon see why our social media features are second to none!

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