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You may be asked many questions about your physical therapy clinic or services, but have you really thought about what the most beneficial frequently asked questions are. When thinking about what to include in your FAQ page it can be hard to sort through the best and most useful questions you can answer to share with your customers. But there’s lots to think about before you start to set up your page. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Why do you need an FAQ page?

When a visitor lands on your webpage they need some direction if they cannot find the answer to their query as soon as possible. You might not have the time to wait for their question to be answered by email for example or if they can’t find the information straight away, they might be reluctant to book. It is a way to seem to personally answer your customers questions without being present.  Visitors might be afraid or reluctant to ask a question so if they find it on your website, they are more likely to have trust and confidence in your clinic and services.

Research typical questions

Take a look at your competitors FAQ page. Although you don’t want to simply copy your competitors’ questions, you can take some inspiration from them. Also think about what they are missing and make sure you include that on your own page. Then don’t forget to think about the obvious questions too. Although your clients may be able to guess the answer, having it in black and white on your page will put their mind at ease and increase confidence in your service.

Do some research with your own clients as well. Find out what they would have liked to known in the beginning. Send out surveys or ask questions and use the results to make your FAQ page more personal to your specific clientele. If your current clients see their questions being answered on your page they will know they are being listened to and are more likely to recommend you too.  

What makes a good question?

There are questions with specific answers, such as contact details and address. Then there are questions that need a more in-depth answer, where you need to elaborate and explain. The main thing that makes a good question for your FAQ page is one that gives an informative answer. Choose questions that allow you to show what you have on offer and explain the best parts of your business as well as the features you customers most want to know about. A good question is also worded as a person would ask as well as to offer a great answer.    

Which questions should you include?

Research and think about what kinds of questions you get asked on a regular basis. Make a list and figure out your top questions. They should cover all the important things new clients need to know about your business. Making them feel confident in your services and knowing what to expect when they book and visit.

Example questions

  1. How can Physical Therapy help me? This is a question that every person with pain will ask and want to know what type of results they can get. Offering hope and recovery for patients will help them to make their decision to book in with you.
  2. How long will my appointment last? This is one of the top questions a visitor may have for your clinic. Clients will want to know how long to expect to spend at this clinic and the time they are paying for. This will vary from clinic and session type.
  1. What can I expect when I visit? Customers feel more at ease when they know what to expect when they visit. This can be from where to park to navigating the waiting room, anything that your clients may need to know when they arrive and to put them at ease.
  2. How many sessions will I need? This of course is subjective but you can give your own answer so your clients know what to expect for the treatments you offer. Give examples of treatments and sessions available.
  3. What should I wear? It can be daunting arriving at the clinic for the first time so knowing what to wear will make visitors more comfortable.
  4. Can I book direct or do I need a referral? This again is down to your own professional way of working. But it is good for your customers to know how to get an appointment.
  5. How do I book? This is where you can include your booking details and the process if any that needs to be followed. Include a link to your contact or booking page so they can get there directly too.
  6. What are your contact details? Yes, you should have this in other parts of your website too such as a contact, or where to find us option. But having the information here, or just a link to the right place will save visitors time if they navigate to FAQ for this information.

How many questions?

Of course, you want to make sure there are enough questions to satisfy the answers of your visitors. But you don’t want ream and reams of questions that are too much to navigate. Choose what is right for your website. But anywhere between seven and ten questions should give you a wide range and cover everything your clients might want to know. You don’t want to pad it out making some of the questions irrelevant, but at the same time you don’t want to include too few meaning they don’t cover enough.

What format should the questions be in?

One thing you should definitely not do is just list the questions and answers in a wall of text. It is not very user friendly and can discourage those from wading through to find the answer they are looking for. A popular way to do this is to list the question and hide the answer until the question is clicked on. Then the answer will appear in a drop-down format, so the user can see exactly what they are looking for without too much effort. This way the user can click on whatever question they want and get the answer quickly and easily.

You could also use a numbered or bullet pointed format depending on the look and feel of your own individual website. The main thing is that each question needs to stand out and the answer easily accessible and easy to read. You could also break your question lists down into categories if there are many different questions you want to include.

Where to feature the FAQ page?

This should be easily accessible on your website and definitely near the pricing page if you use this. It can be the last thing that visitors to your website will look at before they make a booking or purchase. So, after checking prices they may want to answer any certain questions they have before committing to booking with your clinic. You should also make a link on the purchasing page just in-case customers have a few last questions before they book. It can give them the last boost of confidence before making their appointment or contacting you to book. You should also include a link from your landing page, just find the best place to suit the look of your website.

What else to include on the page

As well as the questions you should include other features that instil confidence in your brand. This could be customer testimonies or details of brands that you work with. If you merge this into the answers that you give it increases the trust in your clinic and gives more authority to the answers. Including testimonials is great, but if you don’t have any you can choose other interesting and relevant information. For example, referencing research or examples of treatment and how it works to give depth to your answers.

Visuals are also a great idea to include in your FAQ page. They break up the text and keep customers interested. They can also add information if you choose the right infographic or visual cue. Instead of having to look through text, searching for your question is made easier by having it broken up with pictures and visuals to help your search.

What will you include on your FAQ page?

There’s more to consider than first meets the eye when you start looking at what to include in your FAQ pages. It is time to take a good look at what your customers want to know and what questions you can answer in the best way.  As well as giving the best possible look of your business and what your brand offers. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you include an FAQ page on your physical therapy website.

Need some help?

If you are still struggling to decide on what to include in your FAQ page perhaps you could use some professional help? Why not ask patient sites what we can do to make your frequently asked questions page the best it can be.   

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