The 5 WORST Ways to Advertise Your PT Blog

The old adage “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” is very, very wrong. Advertising is a difficult, complicated, and multi-faceted whirlwind of information. You have to know who needs what and when and why just to get ahead! 

When it comes to advertising your PT blog, there are definitely ways you can go make bad decisions. Because no matter what you do, there may be a downside to putting up your advertisement. All in all, falling into the trap of one of the worst ways to advertise maybe your issue! 

However, there are certain things you can do to avoid making monumental advertising mistakes. One of the best ways to avoid something is knowing what not to do in the first place. In order to help you keep the bad press and horrible ads to a minimum, here are the five worst ways for you to advertise your PT blog! 

The Ads Aren’t Focused On Your Clients

An incredibly important factor for your physical therapy blog is the people who are in need of, or are going through physical therapy. In order to get clients in the door, you need to be focusing your advertisements and your marketing towards your target audience. So whether you use affiliate marketing, or you use social media, be certain that your advertisements are focused on the CLIENT. 

When you make ads all about how great you are, as well as how wonderful your facility is, you’re missing out on the point! Yes, you can talk about how wonderful the services you provide are for clients. As well as what a wonderful resource your PT blog is for your clients past and present. However, the primary talking point should be what those services and information can do FOR THE CLIENT. 

Think about what the patients will need to know about what your physical therapy blog offers them. Then break it down to reflect how your research, time spent writing, and overall blog message will help them. All in all, once you figure out how to make the ads more client-centric, you’ll be on your way to better blog traffic. 

Too Much, Too Fast!

Sometimes less is more. That is true in life, as well as advertising. So when it comes to your PT blog, one of the worst things you can do is try to do too much, too fast! Not to mention trying to say more than you should! 

Think about advertisements that have recently gotten your attention. Are they long and drawn out? Do they have a lot of information in a short period of time? Are they BORING? No. They are short, sweet, to the point, as well as memorable. 

In order to not overwhelm your audience, here are a few tips on how to steer clear of saying too much, too fast and make a great advertisement:

  • Outline your main objective
  • Figure out your target audience
  • Brainstorm ideas that reflect your audience, and your message
  • Figure out channels (I.E. via social media, other websites, email blasts, etc.)
  • Design an advertisement that is concise
  • Deliver your advertisement through your chosen channels 

Be certain to keep your audience in mind when you carefully plan out your ads. After all, people who need physical therapy will NEED your blog and your facilities in order to get better. If you miss this demographic, there’s really no point in advertising!

It’s a good idea to remember that human beings have shorter and shorter attention spans. With the rise of modern technology, marketing and advertising has evolved to reflect these shorter attention spans as whole. Find something to say, say it as precisely as you possibly can, and deliver it in a way that will keep your audience’s attention. This will help drive traffic to your PT blog, as well as keep you from saying too much, too fast. 

You Don’t Offer a Solution to a Problem

When it comes to advertising, you should always think about WHY your clients and patients need your services. One of the worst ways to advertise your PT blog is to forget you are offering a solution to a problem. After all, that is what your blog does in the first place!

Overall, it’s good to keep in mind that people won’t visit your blog if you don’t provide the information they need. Furthermore, it’s difficult to see anyone accessing your site without you stating what they will get out of the experience! Be certain to state clearly what your physical therapy blog offers to your audience. This way they will know exactly what they are getting when they click on your links. 

This will not only help you be clear and concise in your messaging, but it will also let your audience understand why your blog is the PT blog for them! All in all, think about WHY your desired audience would need your blog, and make that a focal point of your advertising. 

Here are a few ways to showcase how your site may be the solution to their physical therapy information needs:

  • Understand why your blog is special. Is it because you offer detailed research? Do you have lots of experience to back up your information? Find what makes you stand out and offer that as a point of attraction for new readers.
  • Think about why your audience visits your website. Do people need a new physical therapist? Is someone worried about starting physical therapy? Do people know what physical therapy is? Answering why your audience visits a PT blog in the first place will definitely help you offer your readers a solution to a problem!
  • Contemplate what your competitors don’t have. Do your competitors not have your hands on experience? Do you have a powerful social media presence? Find out how your competitors aren’t offering solutions, and you’ll be a step ahead in the advertising game. 

Once you realize that your PT blog may be the solution to a number of different problems, your advertising will be better. Because one of the worst things you can do is underestimate why people would need your site to begin with!

You Copy Competitors

Originality is attractive for many reasons. However, it’s when we become overwhelmed, or lack the creativity to be original in our business that we trip ourselves up. Copying your competitors is truly one of the worst ways to advertise your PT blog.

Not only does it show a lack of consideration for your audience, but it could also have a lasting effect on your business. You would be known as a copy-cat blog, as well as your hard work and writing being the second choice to people who visit your competitors’ sites.

Human beings are attracted to innovation and the newest, shiniest things. By making yourself stand out against the backdrop of your competitors, you will attract new readers to your website. Not to mention you won’t find yourself trying to play catch up with other sites! You will be an original, unique voice and your audience will love you for it.

Find a way to be original. Find a way to reach your audience without having to copy, or emulate your competitors. Not only will it show that you work diligently to see what your readers want and need, but it will make you stand out in the PT blog crowd!

There Isn’t a Connection

Despite the fact that most people think they make decisions with their brains, the majority of us are manipulated by our emotions. It’s the draw of relating to mutual experiences that will make even the most cynical person buy something, or visit a new website. Perhaps the most terrible way to advertise your PT blog is to forget to make an emotional connection with your audience.

Not only should your physical therapy blog be customer friendly, but your advertising should be as well! Physical therapy is not easy. It can be weeks of frustrating work, soreness, as well as realizing fears and anxiety about meeting your goals. However, it is also experiencing great joys, overcoming obstacles, and finding out how far a person can go to get what they want!

If your advertising can’t touch on an emotional connection, even the tiniest, smallest, little bit of the emotional ups and downs of physical therapy, then something is definitely wrong.

Find a way to emotionally connect with your audience in order to ensure new visitors to your blog. This could be through sharing a personal story, telling your readers how your blog will help them to overcome their PT challenges, as well as a wide variety of other aspects of connectivity. By forming a connection on an emotional level in your ads, you are also forming a connection between your readers and your blog.

The Worst Ways to Advertise Your Blog and How to Fix It!

Advertising your physical therapy blog doesn’t have to be a Herculean task! There are many options when it comes to avoiding the worst ways to advertise your PT blog. You can find ways to emotionally connect with your audience, as well as stay original and offer a solution to your readers’ problems. Not to mention keeping your message to the point and client-focused.

All things considered, if you steer clear of these five worst ways to advertise your PT blog, you’ll be on your way to having a successful website! Not only will you have loads new visitors, but also your advertising will be incredible. It’s time to get started on your new advertisements, by knowing what not to do before you get started.

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