Top 5 Reasons Why Your PT Website Should Be a Positive Experience for Your Viewers

Reviews showing happy and sad faces to promote a positive experience.

Your physical therapy website is not just about giving information to your visitors. There are so many more factors that effect your visitors and reasons that people enjoy your website. It can be hard to choose a physical therapist with so many different options out there you need to make sure your business stands out. Upon visiting your website customers like to be welcomed and feel good about what they are seeing and what their treatments and appointments could be like. You need to make a visit to your website a great overall experience but what are the top reasons your PT website should be a positive experience for your viewers?

1.To promote healing and wellness

When visitors land on your PT website they are looking for somewhere they can find information about feeling better. Promoting health and wellness from the very start will give your visitors the right impression of your business and brand. Start with a positive showing that this is just the beginning of their journey to feeling better and improving their health and overall wellbeing. It also gives the impression that you are interested in the whole of the person rather than just the part that requires treatment.

You can do this in various ways. From the soothing images and design of your pages to testimonials and real-life stories of life improvement after physical therapy. The core of your business is making your clients feel better and this should be at the forefront to create a positive experience for anyone who visits your physical therapy website. Tell your customers how you can make a difference and show them with images and testimonies too.

2.To encourage bookings

Who wants to book with a company that doesn’t make you feel good? A positive experience visiting your website will make a big difference on whether they make an appointment or move on to a competitor. You get a feel of what it will be like to make an appointment and receive treatment at your clinic. So, if it positive they will feel their appointment and experience in clinic will be positive too. Show your customers what you have to offer and how your treatments can help to improve everyday wellbeing.

It might sound simple but if you enjoy the look and feel of a physical therapy website you are more likely to be encouraged to book with that particular therapist or clinic. A positive browsing experience will leave your visitors more likely to want to learn more. So that might be more confidence in asking for further information or advice. Or going ahead and making an appointment in your clinic.

3.To keep them coming back

If your customers have enjoyed using your website then they are more likely to return to use it again. Whether that is to browse and read further patient information and educate themselves about certain conditions. Or perhaps to find out more specifically about your business, the treatments options and the costs and durations of these treatments. Whatever their reason for visiting you want to enjoy their time on your website and encourage them to return. 

If your website is easy to navigate and enjoyable to visit, your customers are more likely to return then spend more time on your site. Of course, more visits will eventually lead to more bookings, purchases and conversions which increases your sales overall. But all this starts with a great website and a positive experience to build on. So, when thinking about how your website is used think about the long-term impact this can have on your business and start thinking positive at the very beginning.

4.To promote your brand

Your website is an extension of your clinic and everything that you have put in to build your brand. So, you want to showcase who you are as a brand and impress a positive influence on your visitors. When people think about your brand you want them to remember their positive experience and what they got out of visiting your website. You want a professional but approachable feel to your site making your physical therapy clinic a brand they can trust.

Promoting your brand in a positive way on your website has many different factors. Think about the design, your logo and the type of information you share on your site. Also think about how often you update your website, blog posts and articles. Your physical therapy website will tell your potential clients and customers a lot about your brand before they even set foot into your clinic. Make that experience a positive one as soon as they land on your first page.

5. To spread the word

Ever visited a website and thought, this is great I need to share this? That is what you want your visitors to feel when they read content on your physical therapy site. Creating and posting shareable content will encourage your visitors to share with their friends and in turn increase visitors to your website. A positive experience on your website will give the inspiration to your visitors to share by word of mouth and via social media. This kind of recommendation is imperative for increasing your reach and improving your customer relationships.

Encourage sharing of your content and promotions with your clients’ friends and family. Make it easy to share by including icons and buttons on your posts and articles. Include your own social media links on your pages too so you can be tagged in and those who see it can visit you on social media too. Sharing good news stories, patient information and treatment options bring your customers back and new clients too.

How to make your website a positive experience

Now you know why you need to ensure your physical therapy website visit should be a positive experience, how do you make it so? A good website experience can make a big difference to retaining clients and converting new ones.  Here are some ways you can make sure your customers experiences when visiting your website are positive ones.

Great design and colour scheme

The design of your website shows who you are as a brand. For a physical therapy site, you want a professional calming and holistic approach to design that will draw the right people in. This helps promote the feeling of wellness and can be calming and reassuring for your visitors too. Including positive images and not putting too much on each page will also make a difference to the overall experience.

Easy to navigate features

You don’t want visitors to become frustrated with your website and not being able to find what they want can cause frustration. Make sure it is easy to get around your website and the menus are clear so customers can get to where they want quickly. A drop-down menu and a search bar at the top of the site is always a good idea so visitors can check the menu and search straight away if they can’t see the page they need. Always include a clear call to action too so visitors can make a booking when they feel it is the right time to do so.

Not too much on the page

If there is too much information and text on each page it can be hard to see what you actually want to see. Keep lines clean and text boxes separated in order to make the page easy to read. Yes, you may need advertising on your pages, but try to keep it to a minimum to prevent your website from looking spammy. If there are too many pop ups or adverts customers will be put off and go elsewhere.

Include social media links

On each of your articles, photos and pages you should include social media buttons and links to your social media pages. This way it is easy for your visitors to share what they have found and also gives a way to contact your brand and stay in touch in alternative way. It also gives you credibility and visitors will feel closer and more trusting of your business if you have a far-reaching audience.

Fast loading pages

Visitors are instantly put off by websites if they do not load within a few seconds. Reduce things that will make your page load slowly. Think about videos and large pictures that take a long time to show on pages and reduce the size of the images and files. Think about the fonts that you are using too. It is better to use standard fonts as they load quickly as well as being easier to read and recognise.

How will you make visiting your website a positive experience?

Well, there is a lot of advice you can follow to ensure your visitors enjoy browsing your website. However, if you need some more help Patient sites can give you a steer in the right direction. Check out our services here to see if we can help you to improve your user experience.



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