Is A Twitter Party A Viable Marketing Option For Physical Therapy Clinics?

Twitter Party for Physical therapy clinics

Everyone is looking for the best ways to market themselves on social media. Traditional word of mouth is a great way to draw interest to your physical therapy service but in the digital age in which we live, we need to do more. One marketing technique that is becoming wildly popular with an array of businesses is the Twitter party.

The concept of the Twitter party became wildly popular courtesy of mom-bloggers. Twitter parties offer the host the opportunity to have a fast-paced interactive discussion with Twitter followers. Twitter parties offer the opportunity to share a wide range of information, special, coupon codes, and answer questions followers of the Twitter party company, may have. Twitter parties not only reach the current client base of a company but also potential clients.

Twitter Party Planning

One of the key factors to hosting a Twitter party is planning. It is important to have a plan of attack laid out ahead of time. This allows for the prewriting of important Tweets, which contain key information related to, in this case, PT clinics and physiotherapy services. Of course, people attending the Twitter party will have a host of questions and comments that will need a response of some kind in the moment. If the question requires lengthy information, private contact via email is an option. In addition, this in depth question could assist in providing additional content to share later.

While doing all of the necessary planning and research for your Twitter Party you want to send out an RSVP to all of your followers. It is also possible to request your Twitter followers share the invitation to expand the number of people in attendance for your Twitter Party. Be sure to include the hashtag for the theme of your Twitter Party to help even more people follow the party.

How to Have a Successful Twitter Party

If you are considering having a Twitter Party, you need to be prepared to have the most successful party possible. By doing the following, you are bound to have a tremendously successful party that will provide many more potential patients with information regarding your PT clinic.

  • It’s All About the Theme – When you go to a traditional party there is a theme, be it birthday, bon voyage, graduation, etc. When it comes to a Twitter party, you also need a theme. Select a theme that will be the focus of the information shared. During the course of your one or two hour party, remember to touch on your theme continually. You can focus on physical therapy services for seniors, for back pain sufferers, or athletes.

  • Hiring the Best Team – Along with content, one of the most essential aspects to a successful Twitter party is the team hosting. If you and your staff at the PT clinic cannot host the party alone, do research into qualified people to run the party. Consider popular bloggers, social-media experts, or agencies for potential team members. Hiring someone with experience and knowledge is essential to draw in your target audience as well as having a successful party.

  • Pick the Correct Hashtag – The hashtag chosen for your Twitter party is extremely important. It allows people to follow and attend the Twitter party even if they do not follow you specifically. You want a hashtag that is short and to the point. This helps people ask questions, retweet, and reply in the limited 140 characters allotted on Twitter.

Getting the right team, theme, hashtag, and guests, you too can have a successful Twitter party. Help people learn about your PT clinic and services offered in a fun and exciting way. can help with your clinic's social media marketing in order to engage with potential clients. Check out what we can offer today.

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