6 Types of Blogs Physical Therapy Clinics Should Be Using on Their Website

Blog post types for physical therapy clinics

6 Types of Blogs Physical Therapy Clinics Should Be Using on Their Website

It’s often hard to know what to blog about, and you don’t want to be wasting time on useless things. Your blog has to capture as many leads as possible. With this in mind, let's take some time to discuss six types of blog posts that should be used by physical therapy clinics.

  1. Educational Content

    All of the content on your blog should have some kind of educational element to it in so much as it should offer useful information, answer a question or solve a problem. However, you should from time to time make purely educational posts that contain tutorials or offer in depth information about a common injury that you treat – don't forget to reference medical sources to boost credibility.

  2. Video Content

    Video marketing is becoming an increasingly important weapon in your marketing arsenal. Studies show that the word 'video' in an email header increases open rates by 19% and click through by 65%! When you create videos do not just post them on your YouTube channel, embed them in a blog post either to enhance a related topic, or else with a descriptive introductory text.

  3. Q & A Posts

    Question and answer posts are always popular and can be a great way of interacting with your audience. Make posts on your social media channels inviting people to submit their physiotherapy questions and select the most popular or most interesting to answer in your blog post. Sometimes this also throws up potential blog topics that you might want to cover in the future.

  4. List Style Posts

    Another popular style of blog post that you might choose to employ is the list post – kind of like this one! You can list the top 5, 7 or 10 of something. For example, '10 Most Common Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them' or 'Top 5 Things Not To Do After Joint Fusion Surgery'. These are the type of posts that people are likely to bookmark and share.

  5. Motivational Stories & Successes

    Everybody loves a good success story, so why not think about asking some of your patients if they would act as a case study for your blog. Look for the inspirational stories where there were many hurdles to over come or where the treatment really made a difference to their quality of life. These personal posts make you more accessible in your patients' eyes. They can be the difference between being seen as a real person instead of a faceless brand!

  6. Infographics

    Did you know that about 81% of people only skim the content of your blog? This means they are unlikely to grasp the contents of a large block of text without going back to read it in full later. That is why infographic have exploded in popularity. You can put your information across in a visual format which is easier to absorb at a glance.

These are 6 useful types of posts that all physiotherapy clinics can use on their practice's blog to engage with potential patients. There are lots of others that you could try, but this list should be enough to get your creativity going. You can also get in touch with us here at PatientSites.com to discuss how we can help provide interesting and educational content for your website. Check out our features for more information.

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