How to Use Facebook to Get Referrals from Past Physiotherapy Patients

How to Use Facebook to Get Referrals from Past Physiotherapy Patients

Get physiotherapy referrals from past patients using facebook

Facebook is a valuable marketing too used by countless business to grown their client base. Many people have learned that using Facebook alone does not bring in the additional patients that your physical therapy clinic needs or wants. The great thing about Facebook is that you do not have to do all the work yourself. It is possible to gain more patients by getting the assistance of past patients without their knowledge.

Targeting Past and Current Clients

The process of getting new client referrals from old patients takes a bit of work, but not as much as you think. It involves targeting advertisements at past clients and current clients. Through targeting these patients, they will provide you with the 'social proof' that you need to get the attention of potential new patients.

Using Custom Audiences to Gain Social Proof

The way to get new clients is by using a great feature offered to business pages, Custom Audiences. With Custom Audiences you can do exactly what the name suggest, create custom audiences in which you can target your different promotions and ads for your PT clinic. You can create custom audiences a number of ways. You can use telephone numbers, or email addresses. It is important to note you need to have at least 100 records to use the feature. Another way to create a custom audience is through Facebook user IDs, but this option is only possible via mobile Advertiser IDs or mobile apps.

Once you have your custom audiences in place you can use them to target the individuals from the group you choose. You can send out your ads and promotions to everyone or you can send out specific ads to people that only suffer certain conditions or fit into a specific demographic. Perhaps you want to target women or only people over the age of 40; with custom audiences, you can do exactly that. With custom audiences, you can even exclude everyone on your list. Whom you target is all up to you.

How Does Social Proof Work?

Still unsure how using custom audiences will get you the new patients that you want for your physical therapy clinic? Custom audiences alone will not get you the majority of the referrals you desire. They may bring in some new clients, but it is the social proof that truly works.

This is an example of how this can work for your benefit. You establish your custom audience and start the process of sending out your regular advertisements. When former or existing patients see those advertisements, they may comment about their personal experience. Additionally, they can share those ads with their list of friends, adding to the number of people your ads reach.

The truth of the matter is when people see your advertisements and people comment on the noting their positive personal experiences, people take note. As much as you want your advertisements and website alone to bring in new clients that does not always, work. Your website may make your PT Clinic look like the best one in the area, but until potential patients see testimonials from real former or current patients that are not on your website they may be hesitant.

Social proof can be the determining factor between a potential patient, only staying a potential patient and actually contacting your PT clinic to set up that first initial consultation. Do not be afraid to utilize your Facebook page to advertise to past and current patients. Those ads, coupled with likes, shares and comments from people who know what you offer can bring the referrals or new patients you would like to help.

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