Branching Out from Your Normal Content in Three Easy Steps

Inspiration can come in many forms. Whether we are sitting thinking about something else and the idea hits, or we are actively searching for new and exciting ways to create, there are many things that bring about content. However, when it comes to creating something that is off brand from your normal content, some people can easily falter. 

There are three easy steps that you can take to branch out from your normal content. First, broaden your expertise and find new and interesting things to create content around. Second, come up with a method that works for you as an individual. Last, but not least, include your audience in the content creation process. 

You don’t have to worry about where your next idea is coming from, or even whether or not your website is getting stale if you follow these simple tips. Because you can implement one, two, or all three together, you will always be able to grow your PT blog, website, and your clinic in an organic and successful way. Creating a customer friendly, informative, as well as fascinating website for your clients.

Broaden Your Expertise

In the world of physical therapy, there are a seemingly never ending amount of topics to cover. Your topics can range anywhere from orthopedic physical therapy after hip surgery, to proper movement in certain exercises during a session. However, if you can’t speak to the substance of something, you shouldn’t be bringing that information to your clients. 

There are many ways you can broaden your expertise on whatever subject matter you want to discuss on your PT blog, website, as well as with clients in person. 

Here are different ways you can stay informed for your audience:

  • Education – Though most PT clinics are filled to the brim with incredibly intelligent and educated individuals, you should always keep learning! You can take online courses on subjects you are interested in, that will also bring a wide variety of content to your website. Not to mention find in person classes. These classes don’t have to be at any specific education level and should be valuable to you in the long-run, outside of the website!
  • Research – Doing a few google searches isn’t research. However, there is a lot of valuable information on the internet. Find topics of interest that will be intriguing for both you and your audience, then spend time researching it in depth. Make time to check out books from the library. Take notes on the subject matter. As well as create a detailed list of sources for your clients and colleagues alike. That way your personal research is supported, as well as being able to be fact checked.
  • Experience – You can read for days and really grasp the core of an activity, or a subject. However, it’s not until you’re knee deep in experience that you can truly understand it fully. That being said, getting hands on experience is a great way to broaden your expertise for branching out from your normal content! This could be in the clinic with your colleagues, spending more one on one time with clients, or even finding different ways to get the experience you need.

All things considered, being able to discuss anything with viable resources to back up what you’re saying is key to branching out from your normal content. Whether you get hands on experience, do in depth research, or continue on with your education, there are many ways you can broaden your expertise in different subjects.

Find a Method That Works

Finding new ways to get your work done is a great way to step outside of the box and find exciting topics to cover on your PT blog. Creating unique methods and strategies to get the job done is a crucial step to finding new content. You can’t get away from your stale content until you create a more personal workflow!

Designing and implementing a workflow is unique to everyone. Whether you tend to normally get overwhelmed, or you’re simply stuck in a rut, it’s good to get a fresh perspective. However, it needs to be something that you commit to 100%!

No, this doesn’t mean you simply reorganize your desk and call it a day! It means completely restructuring the way you get things done. Starting from when you sit down to start your work, until you finish for the day.

In order to get the most out of your website and your content creation, you will need to get the most out of your workday. Finding a new approach to your work will help you in branching out from your normal content!

Here is an example of a work strategy that you can implement yourself:

Step 1:

Create an organized atmosphere that includes the background noise of your choosing. Whether you’re the type that can focus with the radio blaring, or you want white noise in the background, music and sound can really help you focus. Silence works for some people too!

Step 2:

Make a plan and stick to it. Write out your daily, as well as hourly goals for yourself. This way you can keep yourself on task throughout the work day. 

Step 3:

TAKE BREAKS. Yes, taking a break is a good idea! Make a cup of tea, go for a small walk around your work station, or even get a quick snack. Taking short breaks throughout the day is a great way to break up the monotony of your work day. Not to mention keep your mind clearer while you’re focused on your work. You are not a machine, after all.

Step 4:

Take on one task at a time. Meaning don’t check your email, write your blog post, research new topics, and try to participate in an online forum all at the same time. Keep it simple. That way you can give yourself the space to find topics you are interested in!

Step 5:

Don’t be afraid to adjust your workflow from time to time to give new perspective. There is no perfect way to get your work done. If you need to go outside, set up at a coffee shop, or even move to a new part of your office, it’s alright to shake things up and see what inspiration flows from that!

Finding a new work strategy that is good for you will help with branching out from your normal content because it will create a workspace that allows you to think clearly, and work effectively. Not only that, but allow you to focus on researching new content for your clients and your target audience!

Audience Participation

One of the best ways to grow your content is to listen to your audience. Not only are they the ones who read your normal content on your website, but they are also a great source for topics. All in all, finding a new direction to take as far as the information you produce is easy once you listen to your target audience.

There are lots of ways in which your clients can help you break out of your current cycle of content. Whether they actively participate in forums, as well as comments, or they follow you on social media, new content from your audience is a great way to get out of your content rut.

You don’t have to be a detective to find what your audience wants to hear! Here are some great ways you can find new and exciting topics from your target audience:

  • Email surveys
  • Social Media posts
  • Forums
  • Comments sections
  • Following some clients on THEIR social media
  • Client interviews

When you break it down, the audience for your current content is a great source of information and topics for future articles and posts.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask!

One thing you can never do enough of is ask questions! You can directly ask your audience what they want to see more of on your website. Not only that, but also ask your clients directly what topics you should covered on your social media, blog posts, and more.

By using your audience as a source for your website innovations you can be certain that you will be branching out from your normal content in no time. They could generate ideas that never would have occurred to you, like making your content more at-home friendly, or suggest a topic you never though could be related to physical therapy but is!

Branching Out from Your Normal Content and Changing Everything for the Better!

By allowing yourself to branch out from your normal content, you are allowing yourself and your audience to grow in an impactful way. Finding ways to educate yourself on new topics will not only expand your knowledge base, but also gain new clients! They may be searching for a PT clinic or specialist who is knowledgeable on the new topics you bring to your website!

Finding a new and more focused work environment for yourself, you can be clear of distractions and focus more on new content creation. Not only that, but you can also focus on what your audience has to say about what new content they want to read about!

Branching out from your normal content is easy when you broaden your expertise, find a work strategy that works for you, and listen to the needs of your clients and online audience. By following these simple and straightforward steps, you’ll be able to expand the reach of your PT blog and website! Make your business a complete success by using these tips to break out of your content cycle and find new and exciting content!

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