The Landing Page Checklist for Your Physiotherapy Site

Landing Page for Physiotherapy Websites

Your physiotherapy site’s landing page represents the barrier between your traffic and new business. If your landing page is successful in its message, you can turn prospective patients into new customers. On the flip side, a weak landing page will only cause traffic to bounce.

Combining the elements of design and copywriting, your landing page is your practice’s first impression to potential patients. Therefore, you should strive to make the best first impression possible, right? If you really want to optimize your physiotherapy site, your landing page is a great place to start.

Unfortunately, many businesses squander their landing pages, either because they’re simply trying to do too much at once or don’t understand the purpose of their landing page as part of their site.

The Biggest Landing Page Mistake

The biggest mistake that websites make with their landing page is failing to understanding the customer experience.

Think about your own experiences online. What types of websites make you bounce immediately? Although it’s sometimes difficult to look at our landing pages objectively, keeping your customers in the forefront of your mind to you can better define the goals of your page. Also, understand that a landingpage is not a sales letter or squeeze page.

If you’re currently able to drive traffic to your site but have an incredibly high bounce rate, it probably means you need to fix your landing page. The following four-point checklist will ensure that everything’s in order to transform the traffic to your physiotherapy site into new business.

Step 1 - Define Your Goals

First and foremost, define a specific goal for your landing page: what do you want visitors to do once they come upon your site? There is no one “right” answer, but some actions may include:

  • Clicking through to your site’s blog and engaging with your content

  • Subscribing to your email list

  • Clicking a CTA button that works to lead traffic through your sales funnels, perhaps to a squeeze page or VSL

Think of your landing page as a portal to the rest of your site: emphasize a particular action as the starting point of your visitors’ journey.

Step 2 - Keep It Simple

Think about it: have you ever been on a site that was so busy that you had no idea what it was trying to say or sell?

When in doubt, simplicity is key to a successful landing page. For starters, keep the following tips in mind for your landing page’s design and copy:

  • Avoid overwhelming your visitors with a bunch of buttons and CTA’s: if possible, stick to just one

  • Be economical with your copy: take a “less is more” approach to writing (remember: if they want to read more, all they have to do is click through)

  • Don’t overload your visitors with a bunch of images and videos that take forever to load: a bulky site means higher bounce rate

Step 3 – Make it Easy on the Eyes

So, how do you ensure that your landing page is easy on the eyes from a design perspective? Beyond simplicity, keep the following in mind:

  • Choose a color scheme that’s calm: for example, you could make your CTA button red or orange to emphasize action, but don’t let loud colors dominate your landing page

  • Make sure that your essential copy and CTAs are “above the fold” so that visitors don’t have to dig through your site to find what they’re looking for

  • To better catch the attention of your readers, use a high-quality hero image that serves as the centerpiece of your landing page

Step 4 – Craft Compelling Copy

Although imagery certainly goes a long way, every landing page needs compelling copy to drive visitors to convert.

With limited space to work with, every word must count; therefore, make sure to establish the following in as succinctly as possible:

  • Headlines that let visitors know that they’ve come to the right site

  • Copy that builds trust, such as a brief testimonial quote

  • Action phrases such as “Sign Up” and “Click Here” to emphasize your CTA

Your landing page isn’t the place to tell a long-form story, but an opportunity to get your visitors interested in your brand. The fewer words it takes to achieve this, the better.

Bringing It All Together

Beyond eye-popping design and killer copy, you also need to ensure that your landing page is optimized for SEO to bring it all together. Creating the ideal user experience can be difficult with so many moving pieces. If you’re struggling to keep your visitors on the page, let PatientSites help optimize your site.

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