How to Outsource Your Physical Therapy Marketing Strategy

How to Outsource Your Physical Therapy Marketing Strategy

Think about the many moving pieces of a physical therapy practice that have to be juggled. From handling appointments and interacting with patients to marketing and attempting to grow your brand, there’s no surprise that some clinics are in over their heads.

Too many responsibilities lead to inefficiency and distractions, which ultimately accumulate and hurt your bottom line.

Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about outsourcing some aspects of your business in order to free up your time, energy and resources to focus on what really matters for your physical therapy practice.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Marketing

Trusting any aspect of your business to someone else can be a significant mental hurdle; however, consider the reasons why outsourcing is all the rage among modern businesses:

  • Outsourcing your marketing can reduce stress and your potential to burn out as you lessen the mental burden of the more “mundane” aspects of your business

  • More modern companies outsource than you might be led to believe: approximately 75% of content creation is outsourced by marketers

  • The more time that you waste, the less opportunities your physical therapy practice has to grow

If you’ve considered the decision to pick your business’ battles and begin outsourcing, two questions remain: what aspects of my marketing can I outsource and how do I get started?

Virtual Assistants

Some aspects of your business may be deemed as absolutely necessary yet have a questionable return on investment. For example, it’s crucial that physical therapists monitor their social media presence and emails to respond to the inquiries of potential patients. However, this can be incredibly time-consuming and leave you with less energy to dedicate to more important tasks

Enter the world of virtual assistants, who essentially work as contractors to help upkeep the aspects of your business which tend to fall to the wayside.

Hiring a virtual assistant is ideal for tasks which can easily be scripted or quickly taught. The flexibility of virtual assistants is ideal for businesses looking to become more efficient, as such workers can work remotely and can be paid on an as-needed basis.

Much of the success of your virtual assistants comes come down to your instructions and ability to manageme them. Therefore, consider reaching out via Skype or giving them a call prior to hiring to ensure that you can trust them with the integrity of your business. As always, check ratings and reviews prior to hiring anyone to avoid any potential headaches.


Content creation is perhaps one of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of Internet marketing, but also the most crucial in terms of building links and establishing your site’s search presence.

Although no physical therapy clinic is expected to have a dedicated writer on staff, all business are expected to craft content for their practices. Therefore, consider hiring a freelancer to do the legwork for you. Freelance writers have become the norm when it comes to content creation and have become easier than ever to hire. How so?

  • Trusted platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr allow you to hire reliable freelancers at a competitive rate

  • If you’re working within the niche of physical therapy, for example, you can seek out a writer with a medical background to help give your site some authority

  • If you’re not happy with the job that a writer is doing, you can easily move on to another without going through a messy hiring process

Again, use your intuition and budget to help guide you to find the best freelancers for your practice

What to Look Out For

Outsourcing is great way to boost your practice’s efficiency; however, there are certain aspects of your business that you should think twice before outsourcing. For example, SEO is perhaps best left to professionals with a proven track record. By hiring a link-builder or SEO “expert” who implements black hat techniques, you may potentially harm your site’s search presence in the long-term.

Ratings, reviews and testimonials are incredibly important to hiring any sort of third-party help for your physical therapy site. PatientSites has already helped a number of physical therapy clinics grow their practices and boost their marketing efforts. If you’re looking for a helping hand to take your site’s marketing from ordinary to extraordinary, consider letting us help.

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