Could Infographics Boost Your PT Clinic's Engagement on Social Media?

Could Infographics Boost Your PT Clinic's Engagement on Social Media?

Physical therapy Infographics on social media

It is no secret that visual content is a great way to boost engagement with patients, especially via social media. Infographics can be a particularly useful way to present data in a visual format and they are certainly one type of content that physical therapy clinics can take advantage of in order to enjoy better engagement with their patients.

What Are Infographics & Why Do They Boost Engagement?

In case you are unfamiliar with what infographics actually are, then the easiest way to describe them is to say that they are a graphic representation of data. Most often, a mixture of images and text are used to represent a collection of statistics on a particular topic. It is believed that around 90% of the information that our brains process comes from visual content, so if your social media content can tap into that then there is much more chance of your followers engaging with your posts. Visual content is simply more exciting than blocks of text.

Social media is something that is designed to give quick bursts of information. While your audience may be perfectly willing to sit down and read a 1000 word blog post over a cup of coffee, they are less inclined to do the same when browsing social media. Instead, they are going to scan down their feed stopping only when something catches their eye. Infographics are easy to scan and if they are attractive enough then people will be compelled to stop for a moment and pay attention to the post. They may even feel inclined to share it with their friends. Infographics are one type of content that has a huge amount of potential to go viral!

Three Reasons to Try Using Infographics

If you are not yet convinced about using this particular type of content to promote your physiotherapy services then take a look at three of the many reasons why every physical therapist needs to seriously consider using infographics in their social media strategy.

  1. One of the best things about infographics is that they draw attention. It has been determined that 40% of people will respond more favourably to an image than a block of text, so if you are sharing important data then an infographic could very well ensure that more of your followers notice it and more importantly pay attention to it! Social media users have a notoriously short attention span, so being able to grab their eye with bright colours and graphics can lead to far better engagement than a block of text which they are more likely to skim over than read in detail.

  2. Another advantage that is associated with using infographics on social media is that they are highly shareable. Your patients are more likely to share an infographic than a text update from your Facebook page. If your infographic is branded then every single time it is shared it is going to get your clinic's name in front of a whole new audience. Since your patients will have a large number of friends in the area, this is a great way to reach potential new patients in your area. In addition to promoting your practice, when your infographics are shared it can help build back links making it an important part of your SEO strategy as well.

  3. Infographics are also a great way to increase brand awareness for a physical therapy clinic. Branding is something that is often neglected in the healthcare industry, especially in the physical therapy sector. However, physical therapists do need to start thinking of their clinic and services in terms of a product or brand if they are going to successfully market themselves. Infographics can be a great tool in building brand awareness, especially if they incorporate the clinic logo and colours. The more you can get your branding out there in front of the audience the more recognisable you are and the more likely it is that you will come to mind next time they are in need of services that you can provide.

In conclusion, creating and sharing eye catching infographics on social media is a great way for physical therapists to encourage engagement with patients and other followers. When people are more engaged with your content it gets your message across far more effectively. Why not get in touch with PatientSites today and see how we can help you to boost engagement on your social media channels.

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