Five Visual Content Marketing Ideas for Your PT Site

Visual Content Marketing PT Site

Visual content has taken the blogosphere by storm. While we understand the inherent SEO benefits of written content, such as targeting specific keywords and driving organic traffic, it’s impossible to deny the need for striking visuals to grab the attention of our readers.

Additionally, the numbers don’t lie in regard to how visual content engages readers:

  • Content containing visuals is 80% more likely to be read than content without images
  • 46% of marketers note that photos and visuals are critical to marketing and making a connection with modern readers
  • Over half of all marketers note that visual content, specifically video, has the best ROI in terms of branding, buys and response rates

The question remains: how can we incorporate visual content on our PT site? Also, how can we do so without blowing out on budget or sinking time and money into pricey equipment and editing costs?

Thankfully, visual content doesn’t have to break the bank: besides, you need little more than a smart phone to create killer visual content. With a bit of creativity, you can use any combination of the following five visual content marketing ideas to drive more engaged traffic to your PT site.


Since written content paired with photographs gets exponentially higher views than pieces without photos, it’s crucial that you couple everything on-site with some sort of imagery. Besides giving readers something to look like, you can leverage alt-tags to give your site a much-needed SEO boost. What type of images are we talking about?

  • High-resolution stock images from royalty-free photography sites
  • Pictures taken first-hand from your smart phone, as most phones today take HD photos (think: photos of your practice, team and equipment)
  • Before and after images of patients, with their approval, to give a visual of your practice’s positive relationships and results

Leveraging photographs of your practice and team is a great form of authenticity marketing, showing potential patients who you are and that you offer personality versus potentially cold competition.


Given the rate that we consume content on-the-go, sometimes our audience doesn’t have time to sift through a long-form blog post.

Instead, you can repurpose your written content into infographics which are easy to read and digest. For example, you may have a list of the top five pain management exercises you can do at home, which you can quickly format into an infographic using free software. Infographics are prime for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and represent a great way to educate your audience.

Slideshare Presentations

Similar to infographics, Slideshare presentations are a fantastic way to repurpose your existing content and data. For example, you may notice trends in your patient data which are worth exploring or detailing to the public (such as common causes of injuries). Turning such content into a presentation signals your practice as a useful resource in the eyes of your audience, thus building trust for potential patients.


Video are perhaps the hottest form of content marketing in existence: today’s readers consume more video than ever before. However, many brands are nervous about video marketing because they aren’t exactly sure where to start.

Consider utilizing video as a means of giving potential patients a “behind the scenes” look at your practice. Furthermore, you could also film the following:

  • Miniature commercials that detail what a day at your practice looks like
  • Educational videos detailing common tips and advice for PT patients
  • Profiles of each of your team members to give your site a personal touch

Adding a video to your landing page is a great way to appeal to skeptical traffic or those who simply want to get to know you better before making an appointment. Make your videos short and sweet to hold the attention of viewers; likewise, you don’t have to obsess over hiring an editor.

CTA Buttons

Finally, consider the importance of specific call-to-action buttons throughout your site to drive your traffic to click through and convert. Sometimes it takes an extra “push” beyond text to encourage readers. For example, your CTA buttons should be readable yet loud: by playing with fonts and color schemes, you can ensure that your CTA is impossible to miss.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to visual content, the fact remains that if you want your PT site to stand out, written content alone won’t cut it. If you feel like your current content strategy is struggling, consider how PatientSites can help your site stand out from the crowd.

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